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La Boca Steakhouse

Who has been and was it worth a visit?

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  1. I think it's essential for the NOLA carnivore

    1. I know a lot of locals who are brazenly declaring La Boca and its sister restaurant Rio Mar as the best restaurants in News Orleans. We've been to both, and we tend to agree.

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      1. Is this some sort of trick question? It's one of the best restaurants in the city.

        1. It's excellent. Very reasonably priced. Skirt steak is wonderful. Sides and desserts are enough for 2 .Get the fries. Be forewarned, the flank is marinated in pineapple juice (which we found offputting) and it is not mentioned on the menu.

          1. Agree with all here. It is excellent and worth the visit. All other steak places seem to follow the same formula but La Boca follows its own path. Go there and also go to Rio Mar.

            1. ill be the bad guy here -- i had a terrible service experience there. our table of 4 ordered several entrees and apps, i got the american kobe, Medium Rare. it was served Medium. i pointed this out ot the waitress, she tried to brush it off. i insisted it wasnt right, so she takes it away. next the Manager comes out -- big dude tells me im wrong, i repeat. he goes away, comes back *again* and says the chef thinks im wrong too (this was all amazing, since the steak was light pink in the middle turning to grey. very not Medium Rare). meanwhile my firends are halfway finished w/ their steaks. at this point i quietly but firmly explain ive been working in my family's restaurant since i was 13, that i know a Medium steak from Medium Rare, and ask why in the hell we are having this conversation? he leaves and returns w/ another steak.

              it was rare.

              ...ya just cant win, some nites. as my companions were finished w/ their meals at this point, i take the rare steak. after dessert i see nothing is comped on the bill for my embarrassing experience, not even the *cork fee* for our wine. i should have complained, but figured itd be wasted on these meatheads.

              next day i wrote a letter to chef adolfo, sent it to his Rio Mar location. no reply.

              needless to say, w/ service like that i wont be back, fine steak be damned. unfortunate.

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                I found it good, not great. I liked the steak but I didn't leave wowed. The provoleta cheese app was delicious,(how can you go wrong with gooey cheese and bread for dipping?)

                I will say that Riomar, on the other hand, cannot possibly get any better. I have eaten at the bar 3 times recently and been completely blown away.

                The only slight fault at Riomar is that twice the hostess told us there were no seats at the bar but we found two at the end both times. Never should a guest be turned away because someone isn't smart enough to find an empty seat.

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                  so La Boca finally got bread??? last I was there, there was no bread to be had...not that they ran out, they just didn't serve/offer it. overall, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't a place to put in my rotation.

                  Riomar does have good food, but I have also been witness to some poor service, especially at the bar.

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                    maybe I ate it all!

                    definately pulled gooey cheese out of a hot dish and wrapped it around a hard/crusty piece of bread

                    sorry you got hosed-

                    1. re: chef4hire

                      I had the PROVOLETA (Grilled Argentine Cheese, Oregano, & Olive Oil) and was clearly told there was no bread in the house...next time I'll BYOB (bread)

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                        You can eat the provoleta with the fries. Mmmmmm.

                    2. re: edible complex

                      I've had bread each time I 've been to La Boca. I dip it in the sauces.

                      1. re: JazzyB

                        I was at La Boca last night. They had bread, and they told us the best way to test the 'chimichurris' was to dip the bread.

                        The service was very good, and the food was also excellent. Recommended.

                        Although the maitre d' was very bizarre. He seemed as though he was physically trying to be accommodating, but everything he actually said came out rude or snippy. Oh well. Overlookable.

                        1. re: mikemill

                          We enjoyed our meal this weekend. Everyone's steak was cooked correctly and the service was acceptable. Sweetbreads were excellent.