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Jun 27, 2008 06:32 AM

Hey, thanks! Mousing over photos and avatars!

I just uploaded the new safari and I noticed that mousing over avatars on my MyChow page expands the photo and reveals the poster's name and that mousing over photos on my MyChow page reveals the titles of the posts to which the photos were attached. Love itI

I don't know how long those features have been around, but they sure are nice. I don't seem to be able to wring the same functionality out of IE but I do hope it's coming soon!

Thanks Chow-engineers!


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  1. Ditto - thanks and keep at it!

    1. This feature worked on IE a long time ago, but was removed.

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      1. re: meatme

        It's totally removed if you use a white block for your avatar! In any case, guess what? It's back!

        1. re: applehome

          Not for me. I just passed the mouse cursor over each avatar on this page and nothing happened. MSIE 6, XP with latest SP.

          1. re: meatme

            For some reason it doesn't work on the original post. But I get a wonderful blank square for your avatar, and mine comes up just fine. It doesn't work right away - try it after the page has been up for a bit. Perhaps an applet has to load. But all this is on Firefox.

            1. re: meatme

              Still doesn't work with IE, but does for most other browsers.

              1. re: hannaone

                Just a reminder: the various flavors of IE still constitute 75-80% of all browser usage. Just to be sure, I tried again, lingering and lingering, and...nada.