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Jun 27, 2008 06:25 AM

meal to take on a plane

later this afternoon i will be heading out to the airport to sit on a plane for 5 hours. not that airplane food was ever any good, but especially now that you don't even get served anything, I need to find something to bring along on the flight.

so, what is the best meal to bring onto a flight?

i am in midtown and don't want to venture too far. what food item and shop would you suggest?!


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  1. I find a sandwich of some sort to be best. Buy it just before you leave for the airport and maybe just buy a cheap cooler at CVS to keep it in. Usually, I have no problem eating it an hour or two into the flight. If you are in midtown, I suggest Manganaro Hero Boy, Sarge's (not sure what side of midtown you are on), 2nd Avenue Deli, Carnegie Deli (yes, they are not Katz's, but what is), Lazzara's if you want chick parm, Le Macaron cafe for a light sandwich or really any deli you like.

    I have also taken burgers onto planes if you don't mind them room temp (which I prefer, same with pizza). Just stay away from fish or mayo based salads. Also, you can do a salad from Chop't.

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      any suggestions on what sandwich from Manganaro Hero Boy would hold up in a bag for a couple hours?

      for some reason olympic pita and a laffa sandwich just came to mind - i wonder how that would hold up for a few hours - anyone have any experience.

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          Manganaro is pretty solid all around. I wouldn't get anything that is too soggy, such as a meatball parm hero. Also in the area is Amy's bread. I am one of those people that can get a sandwich and have it sit out for 6 hours and still have no problem eating it. I think whatever you get, as long as it's not fish or anything mayo based, should be fine for a couple of hours. Another option is a really good PB&J or Cashew Butter and J sandwich from bouchon or get some great bread from Sullivan or Amy's and just make a sandwich. Also, at JFK there is a Boar's head shopt, so you could get your own deli meat there. I would just get whatever sandwich you like and wrap it in foil and I think you will be find as long as you don't mind it room temp.

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            DH got a schwarma from Olympic Pita last night for dinner. When I got home (around 10:30P), I took a few bites. It held up remarkably well.

        2. a salad isn't always a good choice bc if you put the dressing on it will be soggy. if you put it on the side it might not pass security. i know a far fetched thought but who knows with the whole liquid situation.

          a sandwich is definitely good. not sure if you are a subway person but they tend to travel well. lennys also makes a good sandwich. i would suggest a role over bread from anyplace to prevent sogginess. don't put sauce on a sandwich. instead grab some condiment packs so you can put it on fresh when you are ready to eat.

          also you can ask them to put the veggies in the middle of the meat rather then side to side with the bread to deter sogginess.

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            yes, good point abou the salad and the dressing. Usually, you can get it in little packets (even though it will probably be not homeade), but it does the trick when in a bind. I think a wrap is actually the best choice.

          2. i got the best chicken sandwich i've ever had takeout from daddyo's in the village. i also ordered tater tots on the side and it was delicious. and i bet the sandwich may even be better cold and leftover.