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Jun 27, 2008 06:22 AM

Before/After Kennedy Center

8pm concerts are always tricky to eat around but i think i've devised a plan for this saturday evening, i just need your help in the implementation.

We're going to start with an early trip to Hank's in Dupont for a dozen (or two) oysters and assorted snacks.

After the symphony, I'm in search of a small plate/swank cocktail spot in the georgetown, foggy bottom or dupont neighborhoods.

price isn't a limitation, but we'll probably be looking for lighter fare rather than full entrees at 10pm.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. The bar at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown is swank and has some decent nibbles.

    1. Degrees bar at the Georgetown Ritz is a good idea. You can also sample some crudo and appetizers at the bar at Hook.

      Bistro Francais in Georgetown is open they have a late bird 3-plate special. If you are looking for something smaller you can get a plate of pate and french onion soup.

      Closer to Dupont you can stop by Hudson and get some cocktails and share their risotto which is my favorite thing on their menu. Their tuna nicoise salad is also good.

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        Risotto probably wouldn't be the lightest thing to have. Plus, there have been some bad reports coming out of Hudson's lately, and the head chef quit recently My prediction it will close. It's never THAT busy.

        Why don't you try Bodega, the new tapas place in Gtown?

      2. What about Mie N Yu in Georgetown, it can be a little noisy and busy, but for good cocktails and small plates very good.

        Hook as Elyssa said is very swank, and has some really good choices in the starter section.

        You could even stop by the lounge at Citronelle if price is no option?

        I have heard that the Ritz Bar is really nice, but haven't been yet, I am hoping to go for chocolate happy hour.

        1. Leopold's Kafe & Konditorei would be a nice choice... There are a couple wine bars that come to mind, Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar, or Bistrot Lepic.

          1. I just want to put in a very nice word for Degrees (Ritz in Georgetown.) I went there for brunch 2 weeks ago. Ordered crab cake benedict, as did my friend. The egg came over cooked (hard boiled rather than poached.) When we mentioned this to the waiter, he apologized profusely, brought us a new order of eggs, the manager came over and apologized, as well...and they offered us a complimentary dessert, and refused to give us our bill. We obviously left a generous tip. And the food (with the new eggs) was really quite good!