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Jun 27, 2008 06:15 AM

LAS suggestions

Was there with my daughter this past May, staying at Planet Hollywood. Actually loved the place and will be going back end of August. We need some suggestions.

We ate at Osaka with friends, off the strip, the best sushi I have had in a long time.

Looking for a great "noodle house" on the strip.
Looking for a great German bierhaus, plus great food.
I heard Stage Deli closed in the Forum shops, any other choices?

Besides the Spice Market Buffet, what else is good?

Any reviews of the 40/40 club?


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  1. Visited the 40/40 club during the NBA Playoffs...the food was nothing special. Basic Bar Food. Good Luck getting a's a zoo. We didn't get served standing at a high top or the bar.....waitress service was sparse. It's a cool place to watch a sporting abundance of screens. The music is very loud ( Rap and Hip Hop) and it's very dark inside. I think its a cool place to watch a game and grab a beer. I wouldn't put it on my list for dining. The hours are from 4pm to 4am.

    1. hyakumi has great noodle soups, inside cesears.