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Jun 27, 2008 05:31 AM

Korean BBQ in Miami

Anybody where i can find some? I got a craving...

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  1. Kyung Ju in North Miami on 167th St.
    Sakura and Myung Ga in Doral.

    Only one I've tried is Sakura, some time ago, was pretty good.

    Kyung Ju Restaurant
    400 NE 167th St, Miami, FL

    Sakura At Doral
    9753 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      My husband and I just tried Sakura a few weeks ago and loved it. We are both big Korean food fans and have been sad in Boca without it.

      1. re: rbeats

        Sakura is Korean owned and operated and does nice work!

        1. re: taiga

          Where is Sakura? Do they have a grill installed at the table? How's their kalbi?

          1. re: Rimtalay

            Sakura is in Doral on the big street where everything else is. Frod gave the actual address up above in this thread. They do not have the grills at the table which is both good and bad. It is bad because you don't get the pleasure; it is good because you don't get the smell. (A woman's least favorite smell on her man is the smell of barbecue, a fact that, when added to the barbecuers desire to simultaneously watch meaningless TV sports and dress like a nine year old in university clothing is a kind of veritable romance destroyer.)

            Kalbi is their specialty which I have always ordered, though it has been a while. Their pickles/kimchee selection is also tasty.

        2. re: rbeats

          much closer is Gabose on University between Commercial and Oakland. you won't be disappointed.

          1. re: rbeats

            There is a pretty good Korean BBQ place on 441 and SW 18th St in Boca, its Korean BBQ and Sushi. Forgot the name, but their Salted Mackerel was delicious, as well as their BBQ shortribs, and a real good Kimchi as well.

            1. re: SaminSFL

              Are you talking about Sushi Yoshi? They have always done some Korean but if they started doing Korean BBQ, thats news to me. More Japanese then Korean in the past.

              1. re: SaminSFL

                korean restaurant in boca raton.
                On 441And sw 18th st.....

                Sushi Yoshee Korean Japanese Restaurant
                23261 State Road 7, Boca Raton, FL 33428

            2. re: Frodnesor

              We ate at Kyung Ju friday. I was not terribly impressed. They also do the butane stove on the table, which kinda sucks, and I thought the bulgogi marinade was out of a bottle, and bland. The server was really sweet and on the ball, so that was good. I really prefer Japan Hill, in Broward.

              1. re: Bryony

                That's funny, I went by Kyung Ju and was thinking about it, but there were only 2 cars out front and it didn't look very promising. Got pho at Little Saigon down the street and was not disappointed.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  I thought about it when there were no cars in the lot, too. I should have. Next time.

              2. Report back from a visit to Sakura last night (I've done a grand tour of the Far East this weekend - Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean). First, for those looking to find it, a hint - the big sign on the strip mall facade is for "Soo Woo Japanese Steakhouse", not Sakura (though it may say Sakura on the window).

                The restaurant has regular tables on one side and a small sushi bar in back, and then on the other side has about a half-dozen teppanyaki grills where they do Benihana-style service. The non-teppanyaki side also has about 3-4 big flat-screen TVs tuned to sports channels.

                The Korean menu is hidden away on the back page of an otherwise very typical menu of sushi and cooked Japanese items. The Korean menu had all the usual favorites - kalbi, bulgogi, bibimbap, several claypot stews, a very tempting-sounding stew of kurobata pork belly w/ spicy red bean paste. Since inquiring minds wanted to know (Rimtalay), I tried the kalbi.

                It was good but not revelatory, short rib meat sliced thin, marinated in sweet soy & garlic and grilled, crisped on the edges but still juicy, I could have used a little more punch from the marinade. Served w/ five banchan: cabbage kim chee, daikon kim chee, a very lightly vinegared fresh white cabbage in a watery sauce, some sort of greens w/ a little chili bite, and something which I think was thin slices of fried tofu (my favorite). Both kim chee were a little mild to my taste, neither even inducing a sweat, much less tears, and only the cabbage carrying just the slightest funk of fermentation.

                The pricing I thought was out of whack - $26!!!

                Taiga - while you may be spared the direct impact of grill-smoke coming from your own table, the scent from the teppanyaki tables tends to permeate anyway. I still smelled like a grill when I got home last night (though Mrs. F is out of town so it's aphrodesiac qualities are unknown).

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                1. re: Frodnesor

                  Nothing like the smell of grilled meat to warm the cockles of the heart. ;-D

                  1. re: Frodnesor


                    Thanks for thinking of me when you are ordering. I didn't do much adventurous eating this weekend, just sticked to the basic (Thai Bayshore & Zona Fresca).

                    Fyi, we were at Gabose a while back and it felt dirty. So we didn't go back since.

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      Anybody have comments on Myung Ga in Doral (I like) and Da Ree Mak in Lauderhill (sweet kalbi marinade)
                      Did Sakura get remodeled (R side expansion)?

                      1. re: ankimo

                        Sakura has been getting the teppanyaki treatment for a while. Ran into the owner at Abokado (he was scoping out the design) and he told me he was putting lots of money into the concept. Unfortunately that seems to mean a focus on the Japanese portion of the menu and, as according to Frod, the Korean portion of the menu seems to have been neglected and is subsidizing the rest of the new concept.

                        1. re: ankimo

                          Ankimo - I tried but couldn't find Myung Ga.

                          L2M, I'm highly dubious that the Korean menu is subsidizing the buildout of the teppanyaki stations at Sakura / Soo Woo - I think there's a lot more California rolls, rainbow rolls and teriyaki being ordered than bulgogi and kim chee. The menu itself was not lacking as there were a good 20 or so Korean dishes, I just though they were expensive and a bit lacking in punch (at least what I had).

                          1. re: Frodnesor

                            Myung Ga in Doral is in th corner of the plaza w Winn Dixie, near Don Pan and the Japanese place Maido.
                            It's one of my favorite places. Good food though it's not famous for its BBQ. The pancakes are awesome and the combo a great value.

                            Gabose is another of my favorite. Haven't been there for a while but reading the review makes me crave for it! Thanks for telling us about the tofu ice cream!

                          2. re: ankimo

                            Eat regularly at the original Myung Ga in Weston. We love it, but it is more of a general Korean place than focused on BBQ. Which is great, actually, since the tofu bowls are amazing.

                            The BBQ they do have is great (love the bulgulgi), and the free tiny "salads" they put out with every meal are wonderful (kimchi, radishes etc).

                            Best support I can give is it is always full of Koreans and their famlies. BTW, if you're coming from Broward, it may be easier to hit the Weston location if you can get to the Sawgrass - the restaurant is right off the Royal Palm exit on I-75.

                            1. re: ankimo

                              Myung Ga is closed in Doral but there's one more in Weston.

                          3. My husband and I ate at Gabose yesterday. It was fantastic! We have been longing for Korean food since we moved from Kansas a few months ago, and liked Sakura in Doral, but it's kind of a schlep from Boca.

                            Anyway, we got our usuals--dolsot bi bim bap for me, jaeyuk kim chi bogum for him, and the waiter brought out an array of panchan (9!), a few that we hadn't seen before, like a really great seaweed salad, and something I can only describe as a non-fermented kimchi with bean thread noodles (I picked up some radish in this as well but I'm not sure).

                            When our entrees were served, there was a real sense of care to the plating. My bi bim bap was arranged with each ingredient in its own little spot, then topped with a sprinkle of nori (or the Korean equivalent) on the egg.

                            Also, it's been a while since I've been in a place that uses metal chopsticks.

                            We were really pleased with our meals and totally stuffed, but we overheard a woman telling customers about their dessert, a homemade tofu ice cream. We figured we'd give it a try. The dessert on its plate could have gone head to head with almost any dessert I've been served in a fancy restaurant, it was GORGEOUS.

                            The woman who served it (I'm guessing she is the owner or part of the owner's family, I didn't get a chance to ask) gave us a little tour of the plate: a flan in a teeny tumbler made with sweet tofu and some milk, then alongside in an even tinier bowl was a sugarcane syrup that she explained we should pour over the flan. The ice cream (made with tofu and milk again) came in a little waffle bowl and had mochi balls the size of M&M's on it. I am not even a huge mochi fan and thought these were great. Last but not least, she had made her own jello out of fresh grapes and these were served in two little triangles.

                            Anyway, highly rec'd--don't forget dessert, we overheard her talking about how she sometimes makes donuts, which I am already plotting going back for!

                            PS--sorry about the blue tone of the cameraphone pic.

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                            1. re: rbeats

                              Went to Gabose last night - I hadn't been in a while, but I think it deserves a spot in my rotation. Had the short rib, beef blood, and napa cabbage soup - extremely beefy with a salty, miso base - and the deaji bolgoki (sp), marinated in an excellent spicy sauce and served with a wide range of panchan. Panchan was fresh - cucumber, radish, and traditional kimchi; bean sprouts; shitake mushrooms; seaweed salad; fish cake; maybe one other I'm forgetting. Great meal for under $40.

                              1. re: rbeats

                                I used live in Boca Raton, and went to Sushi place named Sushi-Yoshee. they serve korean food recently. foods taste great. sushis are great too.
                                it locates 441 & sandal foot rd. i think...
                                i missed this place, but too far from me.....

                                1. re: rbeats

                                  I live in Boca also and I discovered Gabose shortly after eating once again in Koreatown, NYC, which is my baseline for good Korean food. I have to say that Gabose exceeded my expectations and competed well with my NYC experiences. The charcoal at your table was a first for me, and the flavor it imparts makes this one of the best Korean meals that I have ever had. They also have hot plates if you prefer them, and they use those for bul-gogi, but if you don't try the charcoal grilling option for beef (!!!), pork, chicken or shrimp, you are missing a phenomenal meal.

                                  The restaurant is family owned and if Susan (daughter of the owners) or Fred (her husband) were serving you, you were in good hands. They are incredibly helpful and will explain every detail of the menu and the meal, if you like.

                                  as you can probably tell, I'm in love with the place. having been disappointed time and time again with Asian restaurants in the Palm Beach and Broward County areas, Gabose is a revelation.

                                  1. re: Buzzy2

                                    By far my favorite Korean. The service has been questionable in the past but that has never kept me from going there. The recent addition of Fred I think has really helped out the service aspect. My 5 and 7 year olds are in love with the Korean Pancakes while I have dreams about the gigantic soup bowls filled with all sorts of spicy, peppery goodness.

                                2. If you're in North Miami like I am, and don't want to drive to Doral or Lauderdale, Choice Cafe does a decent job with Korean dishes, and much better than Kyung Ju at the price difference. I had a decent DolSot BiBimBap and Bulgogi the other week, too bad they don't open for dinner.

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                                  1. re: drangelo

                                    I think the korean food at Sushi Cafe Miami is pretty good. I've had a few different grilled meats and soups there and they have all been solid.


                                    1. re: FoodDude2

                                      Made it over to Sushi Cafe/ Shilla yesterday for an early dinner and I was very pleased. This place is a whole in the wall located in a small strip mall across 79th ave from the Mall of the Americas.

                                      We shared a spicy beef and vegetable soup (Yukke Jang) which while it tasted good was not served hot enough and within a few minutes was too cold to eat. This did not deter me however since I was hoping to take some soup home and was very excited waiting for the meats to come out.
                                      Being a traditional Korean BBQ, the grills were built into the table. We ordered the Short Ribs (Galbi) and the spicy pork (Daiji Bulgoki). The portions were very nice and large. The meat was brought out with a bowl of rice and a plate of romaine leaves, garlic cloves and pepper slices (yay authentic!). There were five or six banchan, all fresh but pretty mild.

                                      Overall this was a very positive Korean BBQ experience. The tableside grilling is what i've been looking for, it is fun although as posters have mentioned, you may walk out smelling like the grill. The portions were large and the flavors were right on. Looking forward to my next visit.

                                      1. re: dmo305

                                        Glad to see your fairly recent positive review.
                                        Stopped by there today and was too afraid to order anything after seeing Japanese, Thai, and Korean all on the same menu, with almost no customers at the tables.

                                        Will give them a try next time I'm in the area.

                                        1. re: racer x

                                          we were the only customers when we dropped by also

                                  2. This reminds me, Sue Wu Japanese Steakhouse in Doral, formerly called Sakura has fallen far since their japanese hibachi expansion.
                                    I ate there a few weeks ago and ordered the Bulgogi from the Korean BBQ menu. When I asked for the lettuce leaves w/ the banchan so that I could wrap up my bites (like the Koreans do!) I was told that they don't do that there. I insisted that they bring some lettuce and that it had never been a problem there previously. Eventually they brought out a bowl of lettuce from like a prewashed bag or something, lots of little bits of lettuce. I asked them what I was supposed to do with this and they said that was all they had.... freaking terrible.

                                    My service on this visit was atrocious as well as I literally had to argue with the waitress about bringing me a salad that came with the lunch I ordered. The menu said yes and she said NO!

                                    Not to mention this place is a bit expensive for the quality of what they serve, so I will not be going back.

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                                    1. re: dmo305

                                      I had bad experience at Su Wu too. I went there for korean food but it tasted bad....
                                      sushi and teppanyaki looked not bad. but don't try korean food there...
                                      actually i missed Myung Ga tofu & BBQ in Doral, but it is closed. I heard same one in Weston... it's too far for me. too bad for me, so nice to Su Wu.

                                      1. re: orange44

                                        Went there for lunch once and they had a really cheap buffet. Awful stuff. Chewy beef, bad sushi, chop suey quality fried rice. I won't go back for the reguar menu.

                                        In Doral on 87 Ave there is another Korean/Japanese, Yukihana. The menu is rather limited but it's operated by Korean. We had the oyster pancake and a noodle and they were not bad at all.