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Jun 27, 2008 05:26 AM

Nice, Cagnes sur Mer and St Cyr sur Mer

We are heading to Provence for a couple of weeks, touring around before staying in Gordes. Can anyone make recommendations for the following:
Nice - a restaurant for an early dinner near to the Jazz Festival venue ?
Cagnes sur Mer - looks like a great place to visit and stay, but any ideas for dinner ?
A lunch recommendation somewhere between St Tropez and Menton ?
St Cyr sur Mer - staying near the coast, but looking for recommendations around Bandol or Cassis for dinner ?
Any suggestions gratefully received ?

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  1. Snufflehound- quick note about Cagnes sur Mer. There are some great dinner options nearby. Cagnes is sort of laid out in three areas: the medieval Haut de Cagnes, Cagnes sur Mer and Cros de Cagnes. What kinds of dinner options are you seeking? I'd suggest checking out reviews of Josy-Jo, Le Cagnard, and Loulou

    If you plan to have a larger rental car, you need to be careful to not try to drive up and over Haut-de-Cagnes. One year I was upgraded to a 300 series Mercedes and I *loved* driving around in it, only to have a heart-stopping experience tryng to get it through the top of Cagnes. Both side mirrors were tucked in and still got scrapes... There is parking before the top on each side, so it's not necessary to drive through.

    Finally- did you really mean lunch recs anywhere between St. Tropez and Menton, as in you are looking for a destination lunch?

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      Thanks for the tip about driving ! Sounds like lots of the little Tuscan hilltop villages ! Yes we're haeding for Haut de Cagnes. Thanks for dining mentions.
      Re lunch. Yes, somewhere to break the journey between Cagnes and St Cyr sur Mer with a leisurely lunch ?

      1. re: Snufflehound

        I like the grilled food at Josy Jo. For your lunch I would suggest Le Relais des Moines near Les Arcs.

      2. re: souvenir

        Hilarious. The exact same thing happened to me in Haut de Cagnes. Rented a new Mercedes convertible, misinterpreted directions from the hotel and wedged this beautiful car between two medieval walls. Thank God for insurance! RE OP requests., the best meal I had in this area (perhaps anywhere actually) was at Moulin de Mougins, then under Roger Verge. It's probably changed a lot in 15 years but check it out.

      3. Dear Snufflehound. I concur with the recommendations for Cagnes. I've tried all three but my favourite remains Loulou. You have to like simple fish dishes to enjoy this restaurant. Eveything is cooked on the grill in front of you and comes without fancy trimmings. The Campo brothers, who run the show in the kitchen, have a reputation for their strong characters but their food is excellent. In Nice try Sapore, a tapas style restaurant serving French classics (excellent and inexpensive) or Le Merenda (unconfortable dining room but always dependably delicious). Both these restaurants start their first service at 7.30 pm and tend to serve at a fast pace. Enjoy !