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Jun 27, 2008 02:22 AM

creole in metairie...fury's, mr ed's, austin's or...?

hi, have decided to stop threadjacking and start my own!

hubby and i are going to be in nola for ONE dinner next's his first time, and he's a serious foodie, really wants to try 'great, local, creole' cuisine. we eat anything, and i had planned to go into the quarter or cbd, but the local friends we're meeting want to stick with metairie. (they're more steak and potatoes types, but they'll humor us on the venue, as long as they don't have to go into new orleans proper.) price doesn't matter, although i realize in metairie dinner will be cheaper regardless.

i've pretty much ruled out drago's, as while we love oysters, it sounds like they don't do anything else really well, and hubby specifically requested creole. i realize it would be best to go into the city, but that's not an where does a creole-loving foodie go in metairie post katrina? thanks!

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  1. Last time we went to Fury's (not recently) it was great but not really friendly staff. Older, crankier, etc. We like The Galley & Drago's (and I don't eat raw oysters) - Zeke's used to be good but not so much anymore. Since Zeke passed away the prices have gone up and quality has gone down. Wish I help more but we have not been eating in Metairie lately.

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      Good creole food in Metry is hard to come by IMO. Maybe you could talk them into venturing into least you could do Mandina's, Venezia's, or either Liuzza's. Tell your friends that us city folk won't venture out to metry to eat at subpar chain restaurants. lol.

    2. Burbs: Bozo's, Crazy Johnnie's, Fausto's, Fury's, Mr. Ed's, Mr. Ed's Creole Grille, Austin's, Laurentino's, Riccobono's Peppermill, Zea's, Rivershack (lunch specials are a hit, get there early), Pellicano Ristorante, Chateau du Lac, Le Parvenu, Da Piero, Crabby Jack's (lunhc, po boys), Galley Seafood, Mosca's, Middendorf's, New City Grill, Radosta's, Latille's Landing, Hymels' Seafood, Beebe's (great for brunch)

      Uptown: Iris, Patois, Clancy's, La Petite Grocery, Lilette, Brigtsen's, Dante's Kitchen, Mat & Naddie's, Vizard's, Sara's, Dick n Jenny's

      1. Restaurant Cypress - near Transcontinental and West Esplanade. Far better than Austin's. I wouldn't really consider Fury's "creole" although the food is usually really good. But Cypress is consistent and they offer some great dishes. The soft shell crab is nice, as well as the sauteed veal with lobster ravioli.

        1. thanks, at least i have something to go on. it's only one meal, and i get that every restaurant can have an off night, but i'm hoping that even without going into the city i can share some NO magic w/hubby. he was hoping for gumbo...would a 'creole/italian' restaurant serve that?

          mrsfury, i tried to entice my friends to go into the city by offering to buy dinner--still no dice, and i'm sure now they'll expect us to buy dinner anyway :)

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            edible has some good spots listed. I forgot about Bozo's and Radosta's. If you are limited to Metry I'd go with Bozo's, Radosta's or The Galley. Now I honestly have no idea if any of them have gumbo but I'd think they would. The very best gumbo IMO is at Middendorf's in Manchac (Chef Horst has made some fabulous improvements) and Bull's Corner in LaPlace. Both restaurants have great turtle soup as well. I hope that wherever you end up you have a great meal!

          2. Is Restaurant Cypress creole?

            karenkay, Your friends live in Metairie, but won't go into New Orleans for dinner? That is so unusal, I never heard that before. Bon Ton which is downtown, has creole food beyond compare.

            Hope you enjoy where ever you go......

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              Unfortunately, I also know some people who live outside the city who won't come in unless they have to. It seems to be a growing trend.

              As for a rec, I would say the Galley, too.

              1. re: N.O.Food

                my friends are actually in covington, and they don't want to fight the traffic any more than they have to. since we're driving in from alabama (on a cross-country trip) i'm not all that eager to drive to mandeville for dinner, so we're kind of compromising...but i'm not sure how much difference it really makes traffic-wise.

                back to food, i've given them the choice of galley or bozo's...we'll see what happens!

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                  La Provence would be worth a visit to the Northshore. Not creole, but certainly local-- they grow a lot of their food themselves.

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                    The Galley and Bozo's are basically seafood restaurants. Bozo's has a nice chicken/andouille gumbo, but the rest of the menu is fried seafood, raw oysters and some boiled selections in season.