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Jun 26, 2008 11:58 PM

Looking for a chill bar to show around to some NYers

My sister is coming into town and I need some place to get some drinks post dinner. Nothing touristy... nothing too trendy... just a nice dive or a wine bar... something chill and not too expensive. Something preferably in West Hollywood/Fairfax district/Mid-Wilshire - thanks!

Or, if anyone has suggestions for something fun to do on a Saturday night - something like Jon Brion's stint at Largo on Friday nights.... but on Saturday nights would be great.

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  1. id try bar lubitsch in west hollywood. very chill, great drinks (lots of different kinds of vodka), its in a good area but in my experience it never gets too loud. have fun!

    7702 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    (323) 654-1234

    1. I second Bar Lubitsch. It's ultra hip but in its own unique way, not pretentious or sceney.

      Also, the Third Stop on 3rd near Robertson is a good choice.

      1. What about El Carmen? It's got a vibe entirely of its own.

        1. Bowery on Sunset (near Vine), Delcaney a bit east of that (near Gower), Lou on Vine (wine bar), Lubitsch is good if you're into Vodka. Jones is great at the right time of night or right day of the week. Not sure how it is on Fridays after dinner. The Foundry on Melrose isn't a music club, but they have live music on friday and sat nights in the front. Open windows, very nice vibe.

          1. Bar Lubitsch is an outstanding suggestion. I probably can't suggest anything better than that.

            St. Nick's is a pretty good neighborhood hole-in-the-wall.

            I used to love 3rd Stop but it's just not the same now that they've been forced to turn into a real restaurant to comply with their license.

            El Carmen just isn't what it used to be.

            The Bowery is great, but why fly all the way to LA to go to a bar that's on every block corner in NY.

            I love Jones, but I'm not sure what the crowd's like anymore.

            All of that said, you're not going to impress a NYer with a bar in LA. We've got the sun and the beach, but they've got the nightlife...