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Jun 26, 2008 10:28 PM

Donuts in the Valley?

Ok, Since moving to the San Fernando Valley (coming from Pasadena), I found a great bagel place, taco place, thai food, chinese food and burgers. The little things in life that make my family happy!

We have been to so many donut places and they seem to all use the same "mix" for donuts. Nothing exceptional. There used to be Krispy Kremes, mind you they aren't "the best" donut, but they were gone from the valley... I guess peeps like chicken over donuts.

There is a donut shop on the N/W corner of Sepulveda and Victory which seems to be the best of the average.

<sigh> Is there a knock out donut shoppe that I don't have to take an hour (and 1/4 tank of gas) to get to?

Me and the familia usually get a donut craving about once a week and would love to find that cavity provoking, artery clogging scrumpcious fried piece of dream junk food! (we love Love LOVE Donut Man in Glendora... the problem there is, well....Glendora!)

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  1. K'S DONUT EMPORIUM is THE BEST at Ventura Blvd and Beverly Glen on the south east corner's shopping center. My favorite for crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside glazed old fashioneds that don't have a plastic mix taste. Great apple fritters, sprinkle covered, crullers (nicely eggy), wonderful chocolate chip or blueberry muffins (dense and cakey if you like em this way). And the family that runs it certainly makes a point of remembering and treating regulars well. Good coffee too.

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      K's is good, as is Dad's Donuts on Victory and Buena Vista in Burbank, but unfortunately the only other place I've ever been that's comparable to Donut Man is Doughnut Plant in New York (mmmm, fresh raspberry doughnut) and, well, that's longer than an hour and a quarter tank of gas.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Been to Dad's, really good stuff... Went to K's tonight, very good donuts, orange cake with orange frosting stuff... didn't get it but I will next time (wanted to try the classics first).
        Cinnamon rolls are something you don't see at many other shoppes, the gent running the place was very nice... This one makes top of list, so far.... next gonna try Blinky's and Donut Hut... Finally, the quest is nearing the end...there is a decent donut in the Valley!!! isn't life beautiful???

        side note to sbritchky: after chasing three kids all day, life is comatose at 3 a.m. (those were the days, my friend...)

        1. re: WheresTheGrub

          definitely try and hit k's donut emporium in the mornings -- donuts are best made then...

          1. re: Emme

            Ima gonna try, but our donut "ritual" involves having donuts for dessert after dinner (when I don't feel like handmaking something). K's is open 'til 10 p.m., another plus!!!

            1. re: WheresTheGrub

              Really?? I could've sworn K's closed in the afternoon... we *are* talking about the same outpost of K's right... at Bev Glen/Ventura?

              1. re: Emme

                Yup, after munching on thier good stuff...i asked the guy what time they close and he said 10 p.m.

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      1. The trifecta - K's all the way. Nice family runs it, too.

        1. Don't forget that Donut Man is open and frying/baking/cookin' all 24 hours of the day. At 3 a.m., your 80-mile round-trip is a piece of, er, strawberry donut. (Bring a thermos of good coffee and a box to hold the take-home component of your order securely.) I also "love Love LOVE Donut Man" and frequently make an even longer late-night run.

          1. My vote is for the Donut Hut on Magnolia between Victory and Buena Vista in Burbank. The doughnuts are lighter than air. Buy several. These doughnuts raise the bar to which all others must be compared. Run by two Thai sisters, they serve Thai iced coffee and tea too.

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              Does this place have odd hours? I've driven by during the day a couple times and it was closed up tight.