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Donuts in the Valley?

Ok, Since moving to the San Fernando Valley (coming from Pasadena), I found a great bagel place, taco place, thai food, chinese food and burgers. The little things in life that make my family happy!

We have been to so many donut places and they seem to all use the same "mix" for donuts. Nothing exceptional. There used to be Krispy Kremes, mind you they aren't "the best" donut, but they were unique...now gone from the valley... I guess peeps like chicken over donuts.

There is a donut shop on the N/W corner of Sepulveda and Victory which seems to be the best of the average.

<sigh> Is there a knock out donut shoppe that I don't have to take an hour (and 1/4 tank of gas) to get to?

Me and the familia usually get a donut craving about once a week and would love to find that cavity provoking, artery clogging scrumpcious fried piece of dream junk food! (we love Love LOVE Donut Man in Glendora... the problem there is, well....Glendora!)

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  1. K'S DONUT EMPORIUM is THE BEST at Ventura Blvd and Beverly Glen on the south east corner's shopping center. My favorite for crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside glazed old fashioneds that don't have a plastic mix taste. Great apple fritters, sprinkle covered, crullers (nicely eggy), wonderful chocolate chip or blueberry muffins (dense and cakey if you like em this way). And the family that runs it certainly makes a point of remembering and treating regulars well. Good coffee too.

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      K's is good, as is Dad's Donuts on Victory and Buena Vista in Burbank, but unfortunately the only other place I've ever been that's comparable to Donut Man is Doughnut Plant in New York (mmmm, fresh raspberry doughnut) and, well, that's longer than an hour and a quarter tank of gas.

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        Been to Dad's, really good stuff... Went to K's tonight, very good donuts, orange cake with orange frosting stuff... didn't get it but I will next time (wanted to try the classics first).
        Cinnamon rolls are something you don't see at many other shoppes, the gent running the place was very nice... This one makes top of list, so far.... next gonna try Blinky's and Donut Hut... Finally, the quest is nearing the end...there is a decent donut in the Valley!!! isn't life beautiful???

        side note to sbritchky: after chasing three kids all day, life is comatose at 3 a.m. (those were the days, my friend...)

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          definitely try and hit k's donut emporium in the mornings -- donuts are best made then...

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            Ima gonna try, but our donut "ritual" involves having donuts for dessert after dinner (when I don't feel like handmaking something). K's is open 'til 10 p.m., another plus!!!

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              Really?? I could've sworn K's closed in the afternoon... we *are* talking about the same outpost of K's right... at Bev Glen/Ventura?

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                Yup, after munching on thier good stuff...i asked the guy what time they close and he said 10 p.m.

    2. The trifecta - K's all the way. Nice family runs it, too.

      1. Don't forget that Donut Man is open and frying/baking/cookin' all 24 hours of the day. At 3 a.m., your 80-mile round-trip is a piece of, er, strawberry donut. (Bring a thermos of good coffee and a box to hold the take-home component of your order securely.) I also "love Love LOVE Donut Man" and frequently make an even longer late-night run.

        1. My vote is for the Donut Hut on Magnolia between Victory and Buena Vista in Burbank. The doughnuts are lighter than air. Buy several. These doughnuts raise the bar to which all others must be compared. Run by two Thai sisters, they serve Thai iced coffee and tea too.

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            Does this place have odd hours? I've driven by during the day a couple times and it was closed up tight.

          2. Blinky's...Topanga and Dumetz

            great chocolate buttermilk

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              I second Blinky's. I thought they moved to Ventura Blvd. somewhere west of Topanga???

            2. I have been known to drive all the way in the way into BH and buy a $3.00 doughnut at Fratellie's. So - obviously, I likes my doughnuts.

              So here's the deal with the SFV.

              Blinky's was the BEST! Unfortunately that was 12 years ago when "Blinky" - an ex-biker who closed at 2:00 pm -- still owned it. It was bought and was never, ever the same.

              Then one early, early morning, when I needed to bring boxes of doughtnuts to morning strikers I discovered -- ta da!

              K's Doughnut Emporium - 16304 Ventura Blvd. Encino.

              It was just after six in the morning and it was packed! It was just as good as Fratellie's - and half the price - the way it should be. The apple fritters were fantastic, sweet and with a slight snap, the chocolate ones had the perfect texture and the buttermilk - swoon! It's worth checking out...

              Good Luck!

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                Agreed, regarding Blinky's of days gone by. We used to rent at Roxbury Dr and Pico Blvd.---I would get into the car at 5:00 A.M. for a mid-week "Blinky's run". Breakfast back home by 6:30, and then would send spousal unit off to work. Ah, those were the days. When we moved to the valley, I went to Blinky's---WAY different. To our taste, it was average at best. Obviously different ownership. We live a mile from K's, and this is where we go now. We really dig this place. I did try my first Donut Man trek---simply astounding!


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                  I posted about K's above, but I find the Bev Glen/Ventura branch superior to the Encino branch... have you been to both or just the Encino one?

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                    havent been. Don't plan on making a special trip to get what I can get here, ya know?... just happy to have this one so close by.

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                      I'm just about sure as I can be, that K's are not all part of a family. They are independently owned. No wonder that the Ventura/Beverly Glen K's is tops.

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                        that it most definitely is, tops i mean. when i stopped into the encino branch once, the donuts were stale. and the selection nowhere near the same as bev glen. i didn't know if they were owned unilaterally or franchised to different owners.

                  2. Since we are on the topic... any good donut shop in Glendale? I work there, have a coworker who craves it all the time, and wanted to make her a surprise someday. Yeah, we know about Porto's... but no donuts there haha.

                    1. My favorite donut place in the Valley is Earl's in Chatsworth, at the intersection of Devonshire and Mason (NW corner, in the same center as a Dennys). The maple bars and apple fritters are awesome, and they're one of the very few places that make a chocolate glaze that I actually like.

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                        I love Earl's. My family has been going there for over 30 years, since back in the days of its original owner. As far as I know, the place only changed hands once, and the quality never suffered.

                        Although I know it's a chain, another place I like is Spudniks (sp?) on Devonshire and Reseda.

                      2. Tho its not in the Valley, we went to Primos Donuts in West LA. Being in the neighborhood at 2pm, the opportunity to give the place a look-see arose.

                        I think they are similar to K's Donuts. Wifey says they are better. Orange glazed donuts had tasty orange rind in them. Cherry glazed didn't do much for me. Apple tart was stellar.

                        Really really nice folk! the donuts don't have that "greasy" feel or taste. The lady behind the counter told us the "secret" to good donuts is to change the frying oil frequently.

                        One turn off: there was a fly flying around inside the display...pleasantly munching away on the donuts. I can't stand flys and if I see one in my house I stop everything to find and terminate it immediately. Unfortunately, I keep having flashbacks of that damn fly!

                        I am happy with K's...but will continue searching around...heck, the kids like our Quest of the Holy Donut!