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Jun 26, 2008 10:04 PM

Cucumbers In Vinegar and/or Sour Cream

I'm not sure where to post this as I would like to post in Poland or nearby countries.

This should seem such a simple recipe but ......

My memories of the best come from my childhood made by a Polish woman; she made two kinds. One was vinegar based and the other sour cream made from her own cow's milk. I've tried to replicate each without success.

Maybe I'm using the wrong vinegar, or not enough salt and pepper or other spices? Not draining the sour cream enough? Should I use yogurts? All kinds of questions.

In her time period, 1950s in the USA, speaking little English and I'm sure the hygiene was negligible, this beautiful Polish lady made food I dream about. She made sausages among other things I will never taste again. Her daughter is still a friend after 60 years .... and she doesn't know her Mom's many of us, all too ready to escape to the new age and put behind us the ways of our parents.

Any ideas? Any recipes?

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  1. Were these served as salads (usually marinated in the dressing for a few hours), or as pickled (canned) items on the side? Do you remember? Sounds like salads (salaty) to me.

    My family is Czech, and we use a lot of recipes similar to ones you'll find in The Czechoslovak Cookbook by Joza Brizova. It sounds like she used a cream salad dressing (the base is like homemade mayonnaise) or a sour cream salad dressing.

    I found this, which looks about right: (we don't use the cayenne


    And a few more:,1715,...

    Russian, Czech and Polish cookbooks will also have variations on these salads. I recommend getting a few from your local library if you can.

    I'd also recommend using small and/or picking cucumbers, seeded to avoid too much liquid. Those definitely taste more like the european ones my family loves.

    Sounds like you will have to do some taste tests to recreate that flavour!

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      Surely lots of taste tests ..... and my friends are enjoying my feeble attempts to get this right! Thanks.