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Jun 26, 2008 09:41 PM

Le Creuset Outlet Sale

Just an FYI for those that might be interested.

I had a postcard in the mail announcing this today. 35% off any sale over $100(includes seconds which I can highly recommend...many of my pieces were seconds that I picked up in combination with sale offers for really good value). i've been on their mailing list for several years now and this is the most aggressive sale I can remember. I can't really justify any more pieces but this might be the excuse for the terrine I wouldn't mind having "just because"

You have to be on the "preferred cust list"...but....if they're being this aggressive driving sales it might be worth asking if they'll honor it if you're not already on the list. They very may do sell to get the sale.

Sale runs through Jun 27-Jul 13.

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  1. The Le Creuset outlet stores (at least the one near me) raised the prices a considerable amount across the board on their cast iron products (1st and 2nd quality) towards the end of the 1st quarter in 2008. While this sale is nice, it isn't as tasty as it would have been in 2007. I will be taking advantage of this sale regardless.

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    1. re: nooner

      Their products are mostly made in France. Like most European products the prices have gone up as a result of the exchange rate. At the store I work in we've had to take across the board price increases on products like Henckels, Mauviel, Wusthof, Revol, etc...all to the tune of 25% plus. All our competitors and all the e-commerce cooking outlets have taken the same price increases. It stinks...I'm glad I was able to buy a lot of copper over the last couple years before the prices went up because now the prices are pretty much untouchable for a lot of people.

      Our sales on LC have definitely fallen off in the last year...a function of the higher prices and the overall economic conditions...

      1. re: ziggylu

        Same here. We did not raise the prices on any LC we purchased prior to January but had to bite the bullet on price increases across the board. Even what is produced in the US is being hit because some material are imported, the transportation costs to and from the vendor. Lavender Honey from Provence, $12.99/jar. Ouch!

    2. Great info, thanks!

      ziggylu, is there an Outlet Store in AZ?

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      1. re: aztami

        There's one up at Anthem.

        I noticed reading it again last night that the postcard also says free shipping for sales over $100(after discount)! Given Anthem is so far away for many of us in Phoenix...and the traffic so bad getting past that I-17/101 interchange that alone makes this a pretty attractive deal!

        1. re: ziggylu

          I'm in VA so I'll be heading to Leesburg tomorrow.

          Anybody know if I can get a gift receipt and/or if there is a strict return policy? I was thinking about taking advantage of the sale and picking up a dutch oven as either a shower or wedding present for some friends of mine..... its not on their registry...but I think it would be a good gift to receive.........


      2. Has anyone tried asking for the 35% (and free shipping) off even though they didn't have a coupon? I'm feeling a terrible urge to phone in an order for a 6.75-Qt. Wide Dutch Oven, but I don't have a coupon. I suppose I could call in and ask myself, but I'd feel encouraged if someone else had good luck asking.

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        1. re: paraque

          if you can find that size dutch oven at a reasonable price, you'll really like it. I have an oval one that's about 4 quarts, i think, and i was frequently challenged keeping everything from spilling over the top. the 6.75 is a very nice size and shape and easily handles braising oxtail or lamb shanks or making coq a vin

          1. re: chuckl

            Well, I was saddened to find out that because the wide round oven is a new item, the discount cannot be applied to it. Plus, they did not have it in a color I liked - oh well. So now I'm trying to decide if I should go for a 5 Qt. Braiser or if I should get a 7 1/4 Qt. Round Oven and deal with higher sides when I make a braise, which isn't so terribly often. I like that I could roast a chicken in it... Or I suppose I could save my pennies for the day that the Wide Oven is no longer a new item...

          2. re: paraque

            I took advantage of the sale yesterday at the store in Gilroy, CA. If you don't have the postcard, the discount is 25%.

          3. Two years ago, I finally admitted to myself that my LC all purpose covered pot wasn't large enough. I'd make soup in it and the soup (usually very good soup) wouldn't last very long.
            So, to the LC outlet in Williamsburg VA. The really wonderful larger ones were heavy, even when not filled with liquids and meat. I start stews, etc. on the cook top and then move to the oven for long cooking (it keeps air conditioning bills down, and then I can make bread when the stew comes out of the oven). So I went for an oval one, that is almost twice the volumn of the one that has been my go-to piece. I found the oval easier to handle and carry.
            When buying some of the big beautiful ones, I've passed on them because I'm not getting stronger as I get older.

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            1. re: shallots

              Shallots, what size oval did you end up buying? How big was your original pot?

            2. I've looked and looked, but can't find a listing of LC outlet store locations. How can I find out if there's a LC outlet anywhere in PA or DE?

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              1. re: CindyJ

                I had a difficult time finding out where the closest LC Outlet was as well. The Le Creuset America website didn't seem to list locations in order of distance, and even though I had checked that I wanted to see outlet locations as well as general retail, they didn't show up on the search, oddly enough. So I just looked up all the outlet malls near me with Google, and checked out their store directories. It seems like Le Creuset seems to be mostly located at the Premium Outlets (correct me if someone else knows otherwise...).

                I decided to purchase a 7 1/4 Qt. Round French Oven, by the way, in Cactus - I should be receiving it Monday - yay!

                1. re: CindyJ

                  According to this site -- -- there's a Le Creuset Factory Store in Limerick, PA (Philadelphia Premium Outlets) and one in Grove City, PA (Prime Outlets of Grove City PA.)