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Jun 26, 2008 08:27 PM


My daughter has requested cupcakes for her birthday party. Though I love her and all her friends, I do not want to spend the $$ for Leda's when they would be happy with Ralph's. But I was hoping to find something a little less artificial tasting than supermarket cupcakes, without paying the high prices for the premium cupcakes. Any recommendations for a place in the Valley?

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  1. Check out Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank on Magnolia. They have minis which should both be enough per serving and better suit your budget... plus you can rent a serving piece too. My favorite is the one with the chocolate ganache center. Also, check out the Victor Bene's Bakery in Gelson's. I don't know if they do cupcakes but I think their bakery products are definitely a step up from your typical market although I do like a lot of what Von's carries in their bakery such as their tres leches cake.

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      Concur with Viktor Benes' as well as Pavillion's (LOVE their tres leches cake by the slice)....

      Costco is another option, and I bet they'll let you taste one!

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        I've always found Viktor Benes to be very accommodating. They usually have a decent choice of basic cupcakes with some frosted designs/embellishments but if you want something different and you can describe it to them, "no" is not a word they use often unless it's accompanied by "problem."

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        I always enjoy my selections from Yummy Cupcakes. I don't know how the price compares to Leda's.

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          I would suggest Cupcakes & Co in Downtown Burbank. It's located in the same center as the ROSS and is accoss the street from P.F. Chang's and the Burbank mall. Their cupcakes run $3 -$3.50 each, but when I walked in and bought 4, they mentioned that the cupcakes would run $2.50 each if I got half a dozen.
          They have great flavors and are not overtly sweet like Yummy Cupcakes down the street. Especially great if these are for kids. I've tried the Black Pearl (chocolate cake with chocolate ganache), Vanilla Creme Brulee (vanilla cake filled with creme brulee and topped with vanilla buttercream), Red Velvet, the Razzle (red velvet with raspberry cream cheese frosting, and the Strawberry (strawberry cake with actual pieces of strawberry, cream cheese frosting with a fresh strawberry on top). The Strawberry was my favorite!
          Cupcakes & Co.
          130 East Magnolia Boulevard
          Burbank, CA 91502
          (818) 843-2340

        2. Leda's, Leda's, Leda's-worth the price with superior flavor and service!

          if you insist on not going to best, Viktor Benes might do.

          1. I did a post a while back asking for inexpensive cupcake recs. Maybe this will help.