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Jun 26, 2008 08:26 PM

A couple of Santa Fe questions

If we can't get to Sunday brunch at Cafe Pasqual's until around 1:00, would it still be worth it, (my experience is the earlier you can get to brunch at most restaurants, the better, but I haven't been to this place), or should we just plan to have dinner there instead?

Amavi looks intriguing and hasn't had much mention on the board. Has anybody been there in the past couple of months?

Where's a good place just to meet someone for afternoon coffee?

TIA. We haven't been to Santa Fe in six years and are so happy to be going there next month.

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  1. o.k... no one else wishes to respond so I'll offer an opinion or two.

    Cafe Pasqual's at 1:00 p.m. is not a problem. Menu will be the same, service affable as ever. It is NOT a big restaurant, so at 1 on a weekend expect some wait. By then, most people will be ordering lunch but you will fully experience/enjoy Cafe Pasqual's. Note... Dinner there is a totally different restuarant; somewhat more formal food with decided Asian influences. Still very good but different from the breakfast/lunch place that is so often commented upon.

    I love Amavi. And, I agree it does not get the "talk" because I think it appeals more to the people who live here (something I never expected given the owner/chef's credentials).

    Were I to have but one meal in Santa Fe, I would not make it at Amavi; too many other really GREAT possibilities. Were I here for several dinners, Amavi would be one of them and I'd venture it would be one of the less "spectacular" but one of the more memorable food-wise.

    Afternoon coffee ? I don;t know, really, except to suggest coffee/dessert in any of the best restaurants as they shut down from lunch (2:30 - 3:00 p.m.)... Casa Sena, Santa Cafe, The Compound... these places; but, call and ask if this will be a problem. Kitchen staff is always there as they are prepping dinner and possibly a server will be available/willing to stay.

    There is a tea cafe open on Canyon Road amidst the many galleries. Cannot say much about it. Too, the lobby of the Eldorado Hotel serves coffee, tea, desserts I believe beyond the lunch service period. Service could be an issue at an "off" hour.

    Note that I simply refuse to suggest any of the many Starbucks iterations available in Santa Fe though they might work for you. There IS a Stabucks just off the Plaza on West San Francisco Street.

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    1. re: fyfas

      Thank you, fyfas. "Memorable food-wise" means a lot more to me than "spectacular", and may come at a slightly lower price, too.

      1. re: zorra

        Prices at Amavi won't be that much lower than most of the top restaurants. Entrees $28 to $35.

        Another place not often reported on here with really good food and wines that is generally a bit lower priced is Aqua Santa. Chef/owner is Brian Knox who some years ago had Cafe Escalera on Lincoln Avenue then ran The Standard Market.

        Just some more thoughts.

    2. There is a nice gelateria/coffee shop on Marcy St. just off the plaza called Ecco Espresso and Gelato that would be a good meeting spot and also centrally located.

      1. If you're going to Pasqual's because you want a great breakfast, let me recommend the Santa Fe Baking Co and Cafe--delicious food, friendly staff and customers, no ridiculous lines, and much more reasonable costs than Pasqual's. Personally I find the Santa Fe Baking Co. a nice place to sit and read the paper while eating breakfast--it's not fancy but it's real. If it's Pasqual's you must have, good eating to you.

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        1. re: smmass

          Completely agree with smmass - consider Guadalupe Cafe too. They prepare an excellent breakfast.

          1. re: Doug in Mesa

            Thanks for those suggestions.
            We had a great breakfast at Tecolote the last time we were in Santa Fe, too.

          2. re: smmass

            Thanks for mentioning this. I keep forgetting to stop in when I'm in Santa Fe.

          3. Not sure if your visit has come and gone, but here are some suggestions:

            I would highly recommend Chocolate Maven. It's a bout a 5 minute drive from the Plaza off Saint Francis Drive, and is tucked into a strip of rough-looking industrial warehouse space. The inside is very cute, however, and the food is absolutely delicious. The menu includes everything from quiche to pancakes to traditional migas. My husband and I go for lunch and brunch often and are never disappointed. You could definitely go around 1:00. Guadalupe Cafe has a pretty outdoor seating area, but we found the food pretty bland. The coffee, however, was great!

            We recently tried both Mauka and Aqua Santa for the first time. Both were excellent. Mauka opened earlier this year on Agua Fria near Ristra. Very clean decor, great service and the food was incredibly fresh and tasty. Aqua Santa has a really great vibe, and the open kitchen is fun to watch. The food was innovative and yummy.

            I agree that Ecco is a great coffee shop. It's on E. Marcy Street across from the library.

            1. No one appears to have mentioned Downtown Subscription for coffee. It's at the corner of Garcia and Acequia Madre, just off of Canyon Road. Coffee is excellent and you'll see all sorts of local folks here with their dogs, enjoying their coffee on the portal or in the courtyard, or else inside where they have a zillion interesting magazines for sale. But if you're wanting a pastry with your coffee, you'll need to get there by mid-morning, when they begin to sell out.

              I agree that Ecco on Marcy is an excellent choice, as well.

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                I've lived in walking distance of the Downtown Sub for years and some time in the past perhaps some employee there has served up a decent espresso, but in my recent memory their service, coffee, food, and ambiance have been so laughable that I always ask myself why I keep returning...unless it is a meeting arranged strictly for convience. Try instead our best new morning spot for all things pastry (as well as excellent coffee)....Clafoutis on Guadalupe St.