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Jun 26, 2008 08:00 PM

Cafe near Green Park Tube LONDON

Is there a nice/comfortable Cafe or Breakfast place near the Green Park Tube Station - I need to park my girlfriend somewhere in the morning so she can have her coffee and tobacco and read the paper - otherwise she morphs into an unbelievable monster. THANKS!

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  1. Right down the street is a Waterstone's bookshop. It has a nice cafe plus she can look at the assortment of books (huge) after she finishes the paper. She can also browse around Fortnum & Mason which is just about next door.. new, small food hall in the basement. Of course, all restaurants are non-smoking so I hope her monster being stays hidden. :-)

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      I seem to remember a cafe in the park directly across the road from the tube (with outside tables and chairs). This may simply be a figment of my imagination so can anyone confirm?

      I also believe Patisserie Valerie just along The Strand had a few outside tables. Failing anything else if you head up towards Berkley Sq. there are a number of greasy spoons, and a Starbucks in Lansdowne Lane. All of these have outside tables and chairs.

    2. Try William Curley Chocolates; there are 2 tables outside. Hot chocolate is also an option, as are a number of pastries and choc confections.

      1. the Cafe Nero on Jermyn St just past Waterstone's has lots of seating in the churchyard there...could be what you're looking for

        1. rose cafe (an outpost of the famous one in paris) is v v good + definitely better than a cafe nero - it's on the top floor of dover st market which is just down the road from green park tube.

          1. Don't spend £9 on a pot of coffee at the Ritz; it's rotten coffee. It is, though, worth going to the cafe inside The Wolseley, a door or two along. Go inside and immediately left, there is a great coffee shop. Unlike the main restaurant, it's never too busy and it's not about being seen.

            It isn't cheap but it's really worth it. The coffee is very good, the cakes and sandwiches are all very good as well. Most importantly, the room is well laid out, you have lots of room, and the ceiling is high. It's an oasis on Piccadilly on a hot day.

            An alternative is Richoux, a bit further along Piccadilly on the same side. This is a pretty room, but the service is a bit suspect.