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Jun 26, 2008 07:53 PM

Best deli in Boca/Delray/Boynton

I am a local and tonight went with a friend to Flakeowitz in Boynton on Hagen Ranch. It was not great (tongue sandwich was tasteless and the meat was not pleasant). I have tried them all, TooJays, Poppies, 3G's, Bagel Twins etc etc.

So which do you nominate as your best? I would say that my favourite by far is the TooJays on Glades in Boca. I find the Toojays on Jog and Yamato to blow hot or cold, Flakeowitz on Federal has dreadful service, 3G's never feels clean and Poppies has gone downhill in my opinion.

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  1. Ben's on 441 is, by far, the best delii, IMHO...I actually used to go to Ben's in NY and was thrilled when they came to FL. We come from Fort Lauderdale for our deli fix!

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      I wasn't too impressed when I tried Ben's Deli. Way overpriced for a sandwich that wasn't very good. Here's a more detailed blog post about my opinion of Ben's:

      Out of all the deli's I've tried down there, I have to say that Toojays is definitely my favorite...

    2. It's not a "deli" in the traditional meaning of the word but V&S Deli on N. Federal Hwy. in Boca makes the best Italian subs and sandwiches. I try to go every time I'm back home.

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        I'd second V&S. Not a traditional jewish deli but an Italian one. Probably the best Italian hero I've had in south florida.

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            Here you go . . .

            V & S Italian Deli & Subs
            2621 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

      2. Got to be Ben's on Clint Moore Road. It is busy from morning to night and the food is always excellent. It's a meaty NY style deli resturant so no cream cheese etc..

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          Janette you might change your mind, Ben's had 25 or more food safety and cleanliness violations this week.

        2. 3G's is the best, but in season there is always a long wait. their rye bread is great as is everything else. they Are clean.
          Poppies has by far the best cheese blintzes, but only the blintzes are good
          Bens sucks, unless you keep Kosher, then you dont care how it tastes, as long as it is kosher.
          TooJays is a large chain and the ones Ive been too arent any good
          Flakowitz on Federal is good, the one on 441 isn't good

          1. I also like Toojays on Glades best.
            3G's seems grubby to me.