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Going to Craft tomorrow night for dinner for the first time. Any recommendations?

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  1. Sweetbreads with kumquats
    Artichoke risotto
    Steak w/ bone marrow
    Pork belly
    ( to be honest, haven't had a single bad dish...)

    1. If you are a dessert person:

      Glazed Donuts with Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Custard & Chocolate Pudding

      Strawberries & Cream with Crème Fraîche Bavarois, Pound Cake & Black Pepper Ice Cream

      The Strawberries & Cream was one of the best desserts I have had in a long time. If you like donuts, the glazed donuts are like crack.

        1. roast chicken
          braised morels
          porcini - shrimp risotto
          cobia tartare

          1. OMG, I'm going tomorrow night, too! I just logged on to ask this same question. We're at 7:30. I am so excited!

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                WOO-HOO! I'll be the brunette with very short hair eating EVERYTHING SHE CAN GET HER HANDS ON.

            1. I second or third the sweetbreads
              Rabbit tortallini (SP)
              any of the mushroom side dishes

              Have fun and post your thoughts.

              1. Last ( but not least! ) reco: ask for David Lusby, the Beverage Director .

                  1. i went a couple weeks ago and everything was amazing! I would have to say my absolute favorite was the truffle risotto! it was so rich and creamy! the sweet potatoe with homemade marshmellow was ok, but the desserts were great! I wish i got the red velvet cake the people next to us had. it looked delicious! Also, the roasted chicken was so moist! I love that restaurant! the best part was TOM COLichio and his wife came in and sat right next to us! Yeah, the best day ever!

                    1. we'll be there tonight 8pm. thank you everyone for you recommendations....

                      1. Went tonight. The corn was amazing. Also the ravioli with tomatoes. And the Salomon Hochterrassen 2006 Kremstal Gruner Veltliner (the cheapest Gruner Veltliner on the list - $40) was a great wine for the price.