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Jun 26, 2008 07:10 PM

Outdoor dining at Kitchen 233?

My husband and I have really enjoyed Kitchen 233 in the past but never noticed their outdoor seating. We have been to invited to dinner there for next weekend, with a reservation on the patio. The hostess said it would be no problem to get a reservation for outside. It made me wonder why, since people seem to love outdoor dining this time of year. Has anyone ever eaten on their patio? Is it nice, or one of those chairs crammed on the sidewalk type of deals?

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  1. I can't figure out where the outside patio is either, and I've eaten there several times. I did notice that when the weather is nice that the windows that front Haddon Ave open completely; almost like sliding glass doors. i have dined in that room but did not see a real 'outside' area though. But there are no chairs on the sidewalk, so not to worry about that.

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      The outdoor patio area is in the back of the restaurant. You have to walk though to the back. It is really nice. One area you can sit and have drinks; the other they have actual dining space. It's not a true patio in that there is a roof, but the floor to ceiling windows are open. I was only there once, but enjoyed it.

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        OK, that's what's so confusing. I know there is a roof over the whole thing so it's not actually a real patio per say. I've always eaten on the side close to the street and not all the way at the back by the bar area. I'm guessing that's what the patio is. Thanks for the clarification.

    2. Thank you! I will post just as soon as we go!

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        I have been out there for drinks. I agree it is more of an "open air room" than it is a patio. However, it is a beautiful spot for dinner regardless. Hope you enjoy!