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Jun 26, 2008 07:02 PM

Shiva baskets - Massachusetts

I would like to send a shiva basket to Massachusetts.

Any recommendations?

Thank you

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  1. can you be more specific about where in massachusetts so we can answer accordingly?

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    1. When all else fails, call a florist (that you may have to find on line) in the desired area that does fruit baskets and specify you want an all fruit basket, no candy, no nuts, etc.
      I have done this very successfully with my local florist.

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        1. re: MartyB

          I took it as a basket of food for a house that is sitting shiva or in mourning

          1. re: weinstein5

            Ah, makes sense. I usually just make a shiva call, never occured to me to bring anything. With the large numbers of people coming in and out during a typical shiva, it would be a logistical nightmare if everyone brought a basket of food or flowers.

            1. re: MartyB

              Sometimes when you live far from the people sitting shiva, it's not uncommon to send something to show you are thinking of them in their time of sorrow. It's also common for a place of business to do that for an employee that has lost a loved one, I think particularly if the business is not specifically Jewish, or there is less likelihood that colleagues will pay a shiva call (either because of lack of proximity or lack of familiarity with Jewish customs, etc.)

              1. re: MartyB

                Bringing or sending food to a shiva house is very welcome and pretty common. I was always taught that where possible, the mourners should not be burdened by cooking.

          2. You could also order a meal to be delivered to the family, although often friends arrange that, so perhaps check with a local friend to see if that's all set up? Sweetberry Catering is great for things like that, email David at