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Jun 26, 2008 06:35 PM

BBQ South of Boston

I'm heading down to a show in Mansfield this weekend, and I am wondering if there are any good bbq joints off of 95 that would be on the way from Boston. Any suggestions are very welcome.


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  1. Pit Stop BBQ, 888 Morton Street in Dorchester, is dynamite.

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    1. re: wolfetone

      Dorchester isn't quite "off of 95". :-)

      For the OP, there's Outlaw BBQ in Foxboro: Further south in South Attleboro, is Memphis Roadhouse:

      A bit further east and north of Mansfield in West Bridgewater (off 24) is Chilihead BBQ:

      I cannot vouch for ANY of these places as I've never eaten at any of them.

    2. Not really bbq but there is a locally famous wings place, Wendells in Norton. I doubt they have a website but a google of Wendell's Pub will give you the idea.

      1. On rt 106 in West Bridgewater there's Chilihead BBQ. Never been, but heard it's decent.

        1. I have heard good things about Memphis Roadhouse in South Attleboro, which isn't too far away from Mansfield (though it is south of Great Woods or Tweeter Center or Comcast Field or whatever the hell it's called now, which means you'd have to drive past the exit for the show).

          You could also hit Tennessee's in South Brantree, which is just past the Braintree split on the way down to the show...

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            I had been to Memphis Roadhouse around two years ago and I don't think it is worth mentioning.