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Jun 26, 2008 06:33 PM

Dukem vs. Nazareth?

Okay folks, I've read AAAALL the threads, but I'm STILL confused.

Between Dukem and Nazareth, which is the better place for a party of 10-12 to have a nice Ethiopian birthday dinner?

I need your help in deciding!


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  1. I like Nazareth better overall, but I don't know how well they would accommodate such a large party. I find Nazareth warmer and friendlier, and could make for a wonderful birthday throwdown. Probably best to call and give them fair warning, but still prepare yourself for a wait. Fortunately, they are licensed and drinks are cheap...stick with beer, wine, and simple mixed drinks, and go martini crazy here!

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    1. re: dlw88

      Thanks! I talked to Nazareth on the phone just now and she says to 'remind' her again on the day of...which has me a bit worried. I'd hate to have to wait because it's a surprise party so ideally I'd like all of us to be seated before the b'day girl arrives.

      Sounds like it could be a really cosy birthday party though!

    2. I've been to both, and strongly prefer the food at Dukem. My friend disagrees with me completely and likes Nazareth much better. I think you'd probably have an easier time securing a reservation at Dukem: it's got more space and tends to be less crowded. Nazareth is smaller and it's generally packed.

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      1. re: vorpal

        Yeah, that's what I figured after talking to Nazareth - it seems like we may end up not having a table when we get there. Going with Dukem this time - looking forward to trying the dishes! Less crowd and more space is perfect.

        Thanks guys!

        1. re: tp24

          Let us know what you think, eh? And if you're inclined towards beef, try some of the raw beef dishes. I'm getting ravenous just thinking about them!

      2. i would consider addas ababa and ask for aster. you can count on her nad her cuisine is reliably good.

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        1. re: jj2244

          Hi everyone,

          Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try Addis Ababa next time for sure, but DUKEM was incredible! My full review is on my blog and I'll be posting it up here soon too!

          Thanks everyone!


          1. re: jj2244

            sorry, but Dukem's a bit better than Addis Ababa. veggie dishes are more flavourful by far.
            Addis Ababa's Kitfo is better than Dukem's, i'll admit that, but Dukem beats them on everything else.