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Jun 26, 2008 06:30 PM

Two pub questions...

Has anyone been to :
Toby's at College/Bathurst and/or
Wylies at Yonge/Summerhill

Hows the pub food ? Are they well kept or just kind of your average bar atmospheres/sketchy?

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  1. I ended up at that Toby's on May 24 weekend - after being disappointed to see that Utopia was closed..I was so craving a burger..but Toby's was open and I had fond memories of drinking underaged at the yonge and bloor location waaaay back when..anyway, I digress..I was really surprised by the of the best burger/fries combinations I have had in some time..I opted for the light bacon and cheese combo..delicious juice running down your chin kinda burger.I was shocked by how well it was prepared. Great chip-truck like fries as well. One BIG caveat though..the bathrooms...ugh. Have you seen the first SAW movie? Recall that bathroom? I was terrified the whole time I was in just have to see it to understand. Find a toilet before you go and enjoy your burger - just don't drink too much beer!

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    1. re: redhead

      Well if it's one thing I judge a resto by, it's the condition of their bathrooms. Ya, ok, so it's a pub, but I did see that SAW movie, and that just sounds disgusting.

      You would be surprised how much information that gives you about the establishment and how it's run.

      Enough said.

      1. re: redhead

        hahaha good little review there. I will keep that in mind. How is the rest of the restaurant? dirty as well?

        1. re: hungryabbey

          it didn't seem dirty at all to me...just pub-ish (kinda lived in, but not dirty)..I don't know that the bathrooms were dirty per se, just very dark and low ceiling-ed...and confusing and maze-like to get to...frightening. I felt like i was being buried alive. Though perhaps I am being dramatic.

            1. re: redhead

              so I finally made a stop by the place- wasnt too impressed. The food was actually pretty good for a pub (really cheesy mac and cheese, good house cut fries, nice crispy wings and excellent burgers) but the service was terrible! It was actually a bit comical. The waitress came to take our orders for the drinks, she took my two friends orders and then walked away and I had to basically chase after her with my order. Wierd, I thought, but I laughed it off. Then when we ordered our food, she misheard almost everything we said and we had to repeat our order about 3 times to ensure she heard correctly. The funniest thing was that she AGAIN turned away before I had a chance to place MY order. I dont know what it was about me she didnt like because my main came out about 5-7 minutes after my friends. After eating I checked out the bathrooms just to see what all the fuss was about and you are all right about the saw movie. Ha ha. I was actually really scared down there myself, felt almost like I was going into some crack haven where I was planning to prostitute myself. So.. despite the pretty good pub food, I wont be trying that one again. Thanks guys. I should have taken the warning a bit more seriously.

        2. Haven't been to Toby's, but have been to Wylies a few times. It's not too bad for a pub - I wouldn't call it sketchy, but definitely not above average. They have a really big typical pub menu with a large selection of Indian and Thai dishes as well. While I didn't enjoy their gloopy ketchupy pad thai very much, the Indian curry I had was not bad - chicken of some sort - can't recall which. I think I had the French dip once as well - it was average. My husband always has the burger which he says is ok - I am pretty sure they use frozen fries tho.

          1. In the area of Yonge and Summerhill I would recommend Paully's (formerly known as the Guvnor). Great atmosphere, food and music on selected evenings.

            1. I've been to Toby's. The food is actually better than you could expect all things considered. Hot chicken sandwich was very well made and the gravy tasted real, not canned. Good draught beer selection, and the views out the huge front roll-up windows is good for people watching. Decor is good, it's a huge space. And yeah, the bathrooms? Not so much. Going downstairs to the gents there makes me glad I'm a guy and makes me feel very sorry for any lady who has to use the facilities.

              Toby's if you're reading this, a few suggestions. Soap. Paper towel dispenser, better lighting, a divider in the men's room. And for gods sake, get a plumber in would ya?

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              1. re: escoffier

                Is this Toby's anything like the famed Good Eats and more specifically up to the quality of the old Bloor & Bay location? THAT is a burger, shake, fries, and buster brownie I would cross town for.

                1. re: Googs

                  In name only. It's an interesting and somewhat varied menu at this place, but it's not in any way shape or form like the original.

              2. If you're in the Yonge and Summerhill area, I would strongly recommend checking out either the Abbot on the Hill or the Rebel House, both above average pubs on Yonge St. within quite easy walking distance.

                Rebel House
                1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L4, CA

                Abbot on the Hill
                1276 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T1W5, CA

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                1. re: Gary

                  oh yes thanks for the tip Gary, but Im already a regular at these two.. just wanted to see what other options there were. Thanks everyone for the replies!