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Jun 26, 2008 05:35 PM

Seafood in Vegas

Visiting LV in mid July. My wife and I were raised on Long Island and New England seafood. We lived in Phoenix in the early 80's and remarkably could find great, fresh seafood, (particularly at Smitty's) when we did the cooking . Any hope for Vegas is the "08". My wife and I are looking for a good, if not great seafood place in Vegas for a Friday night dinner. Maybe even a place that has a decent selection of east coast fish/shellfish/mollusks nicely done. I'm not asking for much, am I?

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  1. Here's a site of restaurants on the strip. Can't vouch for any but you can look at a lot of menus

    1. Everything comes at a cost, especially in Vegas. It seems to me that the availability and quality of fresh seafood in Vegas has gotten progressively better in that past 5 years or so. I would consider Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare, Michael Mina, and Restaurant Charlie to be the stand outs, and not necessarily in that order. Personally I like, even though a chain, Joe's Stone Crab in Caesars and Buzio's in the Rio (neither is close to the previous mentioned but NOWHERE near as expensive either!). Plenty of other top quality restaurants serve seafood so before you go take a look at some menus and you may find a place like Picasso would also fit in to your plans.

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        I was told never to order "fresh" seafood on a Monday. Saw it on a TV show it must be true :)!

      2. There are a number of really positive reviews of Charlie Trotters new restaurant at the pallazo (venitian) Bar Charlie and Restaurant Charlie. I have not tried it my self but they are from people I trust on the board.
        Also Rick Moonen's (SP) restaurant at mandalay bay has an exellent reputation for fresh seafood.

        1. We're from New England and have enjoyed SeaBlue at MGM on several occasions. Not sure if you'll get actual east coast selections, but it should satisfy your seafood "fix."

          Also, I have not yet been, but I have heard the same rave reviews about Bartolotta and it's on my "get to" list for LV.

          1. Bartolotta does great seafood in Italian style. The seafood is flown in daily from Europe. The selection is amazing. This place is expensive, but IMHO the food, service, ambiance, etc. make it a great celebration or splurge. The outdoor seating by the faux lake is well worth it.

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              Seafood flown in daily from Europe? I have to wonder what is to be gained by that promo and have to question the veracity of that claim, too. Let's do the math. About 7 hours from Paris to New York. Another 4 hours or so to Vegas. That's just flying time, nothing to do with loading, unloading, customs, etc. So, my guess is that if it's flown in daily from Europe, it's not fresh, it's frozen. Big deal. That's sure my idea of a great time, frozen European fish served next to a fake lake. Doesn't get much better!

              However, I do have to agree with you that Kosta Browne produces one hell of a killer Pinot Noir!

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                If you've eaten there, you could tell that it's definitely fresh. The price is also indicative of the distance it's travelled.

                I saw a Travel Channel or Food TV show recently where they mentioned the fish flights. They don't fly every day. I think it was 5 days a week.

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                  I saw an article on this on another food site. It's definitely fresh, much kept live and the photos of the seafood tanks at Wynn were astounding actually. Each of the cases is tracked with a microchip during transit.