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Need recipes for "long" foods!

Hello all, it's my first time posting to the Chowhound boards so bear with me if multiple faux-pas are committed!

We're participating in a themed dinner this coming Sunday - the theme is "long" foods in honor of the long days of summer. It's a potluck, so I'm looking for all kinds of recipes (drink, appetizer, main course, side, salad, dessert).

Thus far I have come up with ideas such as Long Island Iced Tea, a stuffed pork loin, cheese straws, a carrot ribbon salad, long beans, etc. but would love any ideas or recipes that you can think of! I'd like to stay away from things like churros and foot long hot dogs, if possible.


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  1. A really simple spoof on the long idea would be to make a sandwich that runs the entire length of a baguette (then you can slice into individual servings). I was just on a fig post, so my mind is swimming with figs, but for example, you could do figs with prosciutto, some kind of cheese (gruyere or ricotta?) and tarragon.

    Any kind of noodle (soba, spaghetti, etc.) would also work. I'll think more and post later.

    Oh, one more thing-- if you don't mind stretching the "long" theme, FYI, the character for sushi (the "su" part) means "longevity" in Japanese (and you could make longish sushi rolls). . ..

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    1. What a fun idea for a potluck! The first thing that comes to mind is making a pasta dish out of one or more long pieces of pasta. You'd have to dust off your pasta maker for this and I don't know how practical it would be, but I envision a bowl filled with pasta and the entire thing being one long noodle. Depending on how many people you have to cook for, maybe you could do individual ramekins filled with one long noodle and sauce/soup to taste.

      Like Anzu, I will have to think more and post later if anything else comes to mind.

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          There was a post about that a while back, more as a practical joke than a party theme. My husband and I are going to make one for my little brother! I think it will be hilarious, especially done to the ever-critical eater in the family!

      1. I don't know if you'll have a grill but you can do something like:

        -Skewered lamb kabobs, with cherry tomatoes, pearl onions, mushrooms, bell pepper.
        -Grilled corn on the cob with husks pealed back.
        -Grilled eggplant, cut longways with some sort of vinaigrette.
        -Chinese long beans and shrimp stir-fry
        -Spring rolls or egg rolls

        I like the sandwich idea also mentioned above. Kind of interesting topic. I never thought about "long" shaped-wise food.

        1. Maybe Chicken Long Rice? (which is actually noodles!)...a Hawaiian dish which I've never had but I hope to have someday! Here's a recipe...some nice person here can probably come up with a better recipe:


          1. Val beat me to it with the chicken long rice. You might also consider dishes made with Long Island duckling or beef from longhorn cattle.

            In the beverage department, you could serve beer and soft drinks in longnecks. Angove's makes a line of affordable Australian wines under the Long Row label. Geelong is an Australian winegrowing region. Long-Depaquit is a producer of decent Chablis. And among pricey Bordeaux there's always Ch√Ęteau Troplong Mondot (troplong = too long) in St-Emilion and the two Longueville estates in Pauillac.

            1. If you cut very carefully, you can cut the rind off an orange or lemon or lime in one strip using a small paring knife or a chanel tool. You could put them in sangria or any cocktail that has a citrus flavor.

              Also I've seen radish slicers in Germany that make a huge plate of white radish curls, one long strand. I looked on line and found a number of different styles. I don't know that you'd want to buy a gadget just for this occasion. I'm sure you could cut other firm vegetables, like carrots or zucchini. Google for spiral cutter.

              What about French fried potato curls? Can you buy these in the frozen section at the grocery store?

              You can cut a tomato skin off in one strip as well and roll up to make a tomato rose.

              Fruit roll-ups? Twizlers?

              Pretzel rods dipped in melted chocolate, rolled in a mixture of mini M&M's, cashew bits, sunflower seeds, raisins. I often make these for Christmas cookie baskets.

              I have an apple peeler that peels and slices apples for pie. I think it's still one long strip when you take it off the clamp. You could make individual baked apples that might still look like a Slinky when served, or maybe there'd be a way to stretch out the apple a bit, secure it somehow, and bake it accordion style.

              1. a braised leeks salad, or leeks in cheese sauce (left lengthways of course).

                Dips with lengths of carrots, celery, snow peas.

                Hot dogs.

                minced lamb kebabs the length of the kebab stick.

                an apple strudel made with filo pastry made the length of the pastry (get the long sheets).

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                1. Chinese Long Life Noodles

                  Long Marrows

                  Xiao Long Bao

                  Long John Silver's Fried Fish

                  Grilled Pineapple with Rum and Long Pepper Glaze

                  A crockpot tri-tip or roast or brisket that cooks for a long time

                  Long strips of cooked rhubarb

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                    A bit perplexed by your rec of Xiao Long Bao -- the English name is a literal phonetic translation of the Mandarin name, which loosely translated means "small bamboo buns" ...

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                      hey i figure you say "long" when you introduce it or put a name tag in front of it... "long" fits the theme in some capacity :) just throwing out my recs...

                  2. Oriental cocktail like a lychee martini - "Love you LONG time"

                    After dinner chinese tea - ooLONG tea

                    Oriental dessert - LONGan in syrup

                    I know spaghetti was mentioned, but I've seen really long pasta noodles in specialty shops. I may be wrong, but it could be Barilla brand. The package is 2-3 feet long.

                    See a specialty butcher to cut tomahawk chop rib steaks. Ask to leave the rib maybe 16 inches long.

                    LONG neck beers

                    Grilled chorizo cut the LONG way

                    Seaweed salad can have long strands

                    I was in Fiji awhile back. Some of the old timers still told stories about the 'old days' when their ancestors ate long pig...hope you steer clear of this, hehe.

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                        I was remembering my anthropology courses when I learned about long pig. Decided not to mention it. But hehehe anyway.

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                          LOL! Second seervings for everyone! A 6'4" long pig.

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                            Makes me wanna start a new thread...social taboo aside,....

                            awww nevermind.

                      2. If you can get hold of one of those spiral cutters (e.g. http://www.instawares.com/spiral-fry-...) you could make one VERY long spiral cut french fry or spiral cut an apple, dip it in lemon juice to preserve the color and allow it to spiral down from an elevated hanger of some sort.

                        1. If you have access to a Chinese grocery store, they will almost certainly carry Chinese long beans, which are almost identical to regular green beans but (duh!) much, much longer and a little skinnier. You can stir fry them with minced garlic, grated ginger, dry sherry, sesame oil (a tablespoon will do--for flavoring only, not as a frying medium--because the stuff is strongly flavored and expensive), and soy sauce.

                          Some people like to add red pepper flakes, but for a big group, you might want to avoid that, since so many people don't like hot foods. Also, some people add a little sugar.

                          Finally, sometimes I substitute six ounces or so of oyster sauce for the smaller amount of soy sauce that I otherwise use. The only danger here is making the sauce too salty by using too much soy sauce or oyster sauce, so add and taste, add and taste.

                          1. Beef from a longhorn

                            Take out from Long John Silver's

                            Heart shaped cake with "LONGing for you" written in icing

                            Also make your veggie dip with carrot, cucumber, and celery sticks cut full length

                            1. Since you're throwing a donner party, serve up some long pork and
                              explain why Uncle Bob won't be joining us tonight :-)

                              Bad YoDuh! Sit!

                              1. These are all great ideas, thanks!

                                I'm headed out now to try to find a spiral cutter locally.