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Jun 26, 2008 05:03 PM

noteworthy places to stop at on road trip upstate?

i'm going to be going roadtripping through new paltz, albany, little falls, watertown, alexandria bay, syracuse, ithaca, and niagara falls for two weeks. any recs for:
1. really good, creamy homemade ice cream
2. new york state cheese
3. vegetarian/vegan/organic that is not ethnic (no thai, indian, vietnamese etc.)
4. old-fashioned italian, jewish, german, scandinavian, polish etc. bakeries and meat markets?
5. other holes-in-the-wall places that are well-known to locals or where i can get indigenous delicacies (like thousand island dressing etc.)??

thanks so much!!!!

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  1. I'm a bit confused...#3: Non-meat and #4 meat markets? Please clarify

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      i'm going with a group and one is vegetarian.

    2. Villa Italia, Schenectady, NY for Italian Pastries. As you head west from Albany on the Thruway, take I-890 to the Broadway exit. Go about 1/2 mile and it will be on your left. FYI: as you head toward it, you'll pass a little store called Cappiello's on your left. Worth it to pop in and see the great Italian groceries, meats and cheeses. (You can get back on I-890 and follow it almost to its end and hop right back on the Thruway without driving much out of your way).

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        Also, if you do stop by Cappiello's, be sure to see if they have any Perecca's bread. Unbelievably good - hard crust, substantial and chewy interior, delicious.

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          . . . or just drive on down to Jay Street and go to the Perecca's store.

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          Villa Italia has some of the best gelatto around!

          1. re: skipjack01

            sounds delish and i've got to pick some up to visit my aunt so this is perfect. thanks!

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            just wanted to say i recently went to villa italia and it is wonderful. thank you so much for this recommendation. i also checked out civitello's and perecca's. civitello's had one of the best cannolis i've ever had.

            1. re: lawyerlady

              I'm glad you made it to Civitello's! I love their pasticiotti. And the atmosphere is quite unique. Glad you had a good visit to Schenectady!

            2. I can give you some Ithaca recs...

              Homemade ice cream: Cornell Dairy Bar on Cornell's campus, or Purity Ice Cream in downtown Ithaca. There's also Cayuga Lake Creamery up the western side of Cayuga Lake on Route 89 in Interlaken and their flavors look delicious, but I have never been there.
              Okay, now that I've looked at the website again, I REALLY have to stop there on my next trip up there.

              Vegetarian: ABC Cafe, right near Cornell's campus. They have vegetarian and vegan options. And of course, Moosewood, the famous veg restaurant in downtown Ithaca!

              The Nines is a very popular pizza/bar food place in the Collegetown area of Ithaca. Deep dish pizza freshly made. Aladdin's has freshly made Greek food and pasta dishes, some are vegetarian.

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                great recs. cayuga sounds wonderful. want to try the cornell and purity too! abc is the perfect vegetarian restaurant. thanks for the great recs!

              2. 2. Palatine Valley Dairy, also known as the Palatine Cheese Company, on Route 5 in Nelliston, maybe two miles from the Canajoharie exit on the Thruway.


                4. Smokehouse of the Catskills, off the Saugerties exit of the Thruway. A traditional German smokehouse and butcher shop.

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                1. re: billpitcher

                  Hey Bill-
                  What is the name of this german smokehouse off the Saugerties exit?

                  1. re: catnip

                    It actually is smokehouse of the catskills!

                    1. re: tracyk

                      Thanks Tracyk!

                      Just looked it up.
                      Wish they had a website.
                      Thanks again!
                      Appreciative Catnip

                2. In Syracuse, see if The Welcome Inn is still there. Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous homemade pierogies & other Ukrainian yummies. Sorry I don't have an address - just that it's in a residential area on the west side.

                  Also, in general, see the thread "How would you describe the Syracuse Scene"


                  - lots of good recommendations already there (although, yes, some are too "ethnic" for your group, many will still delight!)