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Jun 26, 2008 04:18 PM

Need recipes or ideas for zatar and sumac

Hi! I just was on line buying some spices from Penzey's, when I noticed zatar and sumac. Now, I have seen it before in recipes and I certainly have had to have had it in the Turkish restos I go to, but I have NO recipes for it!

I bought the 2 spices beacuse they sound great! Any ideas??

(I just printed out a recipe by Jamie Oliver for Grilled Lamb Kofta Kebabs and it uses sumac.)

Thanks for any help!!


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    1. Traditionally, you'd mash the zaatar/sumac up with some good EVOO and brush it on grilled pita. It's also really good tossed with roasted veggies, and as a marinade for chicken and fish.

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        Agree. Toss it on some carrots and parsnips to roast, or marinate chicken parts for a few hours in it, then roast in a hot oven. Makes the house smell so good.

      2. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get the spices!!

        1. I found this post with some more ideas:

          ... while looking for this recipe that I posted:

 for Chicken with Sumac (and pita and onions).

          1. I also just bought za'tar and needed some ideas. Thanks!