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Jun 26, 2008 04:14 PM

Lunch in Nocelle, Montepertuso, Bomerano, Praiano while hiking --

As I posted earlier, kids and adults planning several day hikes from Positano, have lunch in some quaint, out-of-the-way restaurant, before hiking back to the Positano beaches for relaxing in the afternoons. We have planned several beautiful routes (per the Sunflower Guide), and it looks like we will be in Nocelle, Montepertuso, Santa Maria del Castello, Bomerano, Praiano, Vettica Maggiore, and probably one day trip to Capri. Except for Capri, are these other spots places we can find lunch, or should I plan to just bring sandwiches + in the backpack for picnics??? I know the famous Dona Rosa is in Montepertuso, but such an elegant evening spot won't do -- we will be hot, and in shorts & hiking clothes. Has anyone done these hikes before and found any fun spots to check out for lunch -- or even worth going back to in the evenings?? Any advice would be great!!

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  1. In Vettica Maggiore, try La Strada or La Brace, both of which are on the main road (via G. Capriglione). There's also a great wine bar below La Brace (Vinera?) where you can get wonderful antipasti.

    In Praiano, try Il Pirata, which is located at Marina di Praia and overlooks the rocks and at the water.

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      Thanks ... I will keep those in mind ... we are very excited to go this weekend ... did you hike in the area? I read about a restaurant that is near Praiano, but is reached only by hiking or arriving via boat ... and supposedly very good ... down and out of the way road. I wish I could find the reference again ... we would like to include it in our itinerary. Thanks for the tips.

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        We didn't specifically hike, but getting around Praiano and Vettica Maggiore requires a good deal of hilly climbs. We stayed in Praiano proper, about vertically halfway between Marina di Praia and the small church at the top of the town. That was perfect for us, but it was quite a climb to go from the marina to the alimentari near the top of town. Vettica Maggiore has better views and is the better place for eating. Praiano proper has few restuarants (and no real town center), and the restaurants at the marina, while solid, aren't as good as what you'll find in Vettica Maggiore, where the central piazza looks onto Positano.

        I believe the restaurant you are thinking of is La Gavitella, which you can reach only by foot (descending 500 - 600 steps from the central Piazza in Vettica Maggiore) or by boat. The night we were there, I believe we were the only ones who walked. It was crowded with Italians, and predictably the seafood was excellent. They have a private beach there, so it may be crowded for lunch and a better option for dinner. As I recall, our meal there and our meals at La Strada and La Brace were fairly close in quality. La Brace is the most casual of the three, and it and La Strada have terraces that look out onto the piazza and Positano. And if it's clear enough, you can see I Faraglioni of Capri.

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          You are amazing ... thank you so much. These are all really good ideas ...we will definitely go to La Gavitella. Maybe we can hit La Brace one day as well, as we will definitely be nearby. I'll report in ... this is really exciting to have such good dining choices already on my list. Thanks!