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Jun 26, 2008 03:57 PM

My First Fresh Peach Pie

A while back there was a thread about cooking with fresh peaches. While I didn't feel I could add to much to that, except take in good ideas, I baked my first fresh pie with the 5 lbs. of peaches I had.

I made the crust and the pie from scratch and the taste was fantastic, well beyond anything I thought I could do. I've never tried this before. Especially the crust. I was really hesitant with that but my friend gave it a great review and I thought it was flakey and good too.

Anyway, I'm posting a few pictures for purely selfish reasons.

1) I want to do the COTM thing and want to see how the pictures come out.

2) Notice on the slice picture. The syrup or "glaze" I guess you call it. It came out a different color than the peach? It was still good, but what causes that? Is that normal. I've seen other pictures of peach pie where the color was all orange? Just curious.

Granted, I probably need to improve a lot on presentation and looks but what great fun that was.

Thanks for the input.

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  1. The discoloration in the syrup could be associated with the introduction of the syrup base. If you prepare the syrup base independently, by cooking up the sugar, corn starch (or other thickening agent) and water in a sauce pan and allowing it to cool before mixing it with the peaches, you may find the discoloration issue solved. You might also try a light spray of lemon juice on the fresh peaches when they're sliced, not mixed with the syrup, and waiting to go into the pie crust.
    Congratulations on the photo set up of the slice. The selection of the plate says "country" and that's perfect for peach pie.

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      LOL. Thanks for the photo compliment, but that must have been purely luck on my part!

      Anyway, interesting on the color. I did use lemon juice on the fresh slices, but I did not heat or cook the syrup. I simply put the lemon bathed peach slices in another bowl with with sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt. Mixed it all together and spooned it in the bottom slightly precooked crust. Covered, then baked. Perhaps I should have cooked and let it cool. Will try next time. Thanks for the reply.

    2. Perfect. You don't really want the syrup to be exactly the same color (would look processed). Congrats!

      1. Oh gosh both photos look fabulous! I remember making my first fresh peach pie at my mother's house with peaches from the trees in her garden. What a lot of work to blanch, peel, assemble... in the end it was delicious and I was so proud of myself. You should be too! I don't remember any discolorization.... only remember the ooooohs and aaaahhhs.... I suppose it's just as well cuz the memory is still pleasant.

        1. That looks absolutely delicious.

          The color of the syrup could have to do with the variety of peaches. The color of peach flesh varies, and so do things like juiciness and texture, all of which could affect how much color transfers from the peaches to the syrup. Or it could be the recipe.

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          1. re: jlafler

            Hey thanks all.

            It was a blast to make. I loved it. As for the color. Well, it tasted fine. All the peaches were bought at the same farmers market, on the same day, from the same bin. All looked really similar too, almost like they came from the same tree!

            Oh well, if the different color is just one of those things maybe I should not worry about it. In fact, I really only noticed when I saw the pictures. But I did examine it after and I could see it then also, so I know it wasn't the lighting or camera.

            What great fun, I'm looking forward to improving and different fruits. Should be a fun summer.

          2. I think it's beautiful! And there's nothing better than a fresh homemade peach pie.