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Jun 26, 2008 03:49 PM

J-Grill in Richmond Hill: closed? (no more rice burgers??)

Their phone number is out of service. Google gets me nothing. I haven't been out to their location to confirm since I don't live anywhere near it (Major Mac / Bayview) . Can anyone confirm if they've still around or if they've moved?

Failing that, does anyone else know anywhere I can find Japanese-style rice burgers (bun made of compressed rice, "patty" is fried veggies or meat)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They are definitely closed. It's another Japanese restaurant now whose name escapes me. I think it starts with an "O". I never got a chance to try their rice burgers. I guess it didn't really take off.

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      The rice burgers while quite delicious, but the facts that they were expensive and a small size probably did not get many return devotees. Lunches were great and more appreciative!

    2. They closed at least 7 months ago...maybe more.

      1. The place that has opened in the same spot is really similiar to J-Grill, unfortunately there are no rice burgers though. I suspect that J-Grill really was the only place in town that was making them.

        1. Manpuku at Village on the Grange started doing rice burgers!