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Jun 26, 2008 03:23 PM

Need Cool Place To Dine in Seattle Tonight

In town from Portland visiting family in Seattle. Would like to suggest a restaurant that is new to the scene or someone else's "secret" dining spot. Food has to be outstanding,,.unforgetable would be better (my brother, whom I am visiting, has food critic high standards!)...But really my family has been so kind to me, I would like to have an amazing dinner tonight with them...thanks for the help!

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  1. Tilth could meet your criteria. It is newer and made the NY Times list for the top 10 new restuarants of the year (not in NY). The location in Wallingford is a cool old craftsman to boot.

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    1. re: BallardFoodie

      I can't imagine a 'food critic high standards' type person from Seattle wouldn't have heard of Tilth.

      Veraci Pizza out at Bellevue Farmer's Market on Thursdays might fit the bill. If someone doesn't go to farmer's markets, they probably haven't heard of them. Isn't quite an amazing dinner, just great food.

      Any idea what neighborhood your family lives in? I mean, that might help find someplace they don't know...

      Pasta Freska on Westlake might fit the bill, or Brouwer's in Fremont is quite good.

      Ooo, or EATs Cafe out in West Seattle. People in the main part of Seattle don't seem to get out there. IF you're looking for the Tapas thing, Oliver's Twist on Phinney Ridge...

      1. re: jaydeflix

        Oliver's Twist is definitely not Tapas. Tiny (not small) plates and drinks are their specialty. Good place for a snack, (especially the truffled butter popcorn) but I wouldn't consider it for dinner at all.

        1. re: GreenLakeDave

          You wouldn't consider it tapas? I mean, I get your drift, tapas is more small plates, twist is generally smaller than a small plate, but, what do you call it beyond that?

          As for considering it dinner, I guess that depends on how much you get and how many you are. My wife and I would split 3-4 plates and that was enough of a dinner for us.

          1. re: jaydeflix

            When I think of tapas, I think of a Spanish inspired menu, like Tango or Ocho, not just small plates.

            My wife and I usually split 5-6 plates at Tango, and then get the El Diablo.

            I'd go broke trying to make a dinner out of Oliver's Twist's small bites menu.

            1. re: GreenLakeDave

              Ah, I've moved tapas over to the 'general' column rather than have it still be regionality specific.

              As for dinner out of Oliver's twist... a) Happy hour prices and b) we might just eat less than you do =)

              Would you call Copper Gate's portions Tapas sized or small bites?

              1. re: jaydeflix

                My wife and I aren't huge eaters ourselves, and I have heard several friends talk about the "mistake" of trying to make a full dinner out of OT's menu.

                I call the Copper Gate just plain odd, and have only had the frites (which were rather good).

                1. re: GreenLakeDave

                  =) Odd works. The sandwich I had there (the pork I think) was bigger than I expected, compared to the meatballs which were more of a 'tapas sized' (that work for you? =) ) plate.

                  1. re: GreenLakeDave

                    Well, if you've only had the frites at the Copper Gate you must go again. I adore the spare ribs - cross cut grilled (I think with coffee & aquavit?) with a shaved fennel salad. It's my must have dish there - no sharing allowed. Also, the lingonberry pancakes stuffed with whipped cream are great. Maybe you think the decor odd? I find it quite entertaining and aesthetically interesting - but the food? How odd can updated Scandanavian be? I think it's terrific and consistent. Great prices and all food is on happy hour until 7, 7 days a week.

            2. re: GreenLakeDave

              Have to say, love Oliver's Twist for food, but their bartending and service has went down hill with their all new staff. The drinks have been inconsistent and the service is insanely hit or miss. But I'll still take it anyday over Txori or Tango.

        2. Union, Lark or Boat St Cafe for unbelievably delicious food. If your brother is a real foodie I'm sure he's familiar with all.

          for the best pub grub: Quinn's.

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          1. re: malarkey

            I'm not gonna lie Union was a huge letdown for me. The appetizers were delicious, but the main courses all kind of fell down.

            Union Restaurant
            1400 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101