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Jun 26, 2008 03:15 PM

Ortanique closing...sad news

Just got a very sweet e-mail from the owners - I'm on the mailing list - they are closing their doors on June 28. I know it has gotten mixed reviews, but all the times I have been, the food has been outstanding. Sorry to see them go. :(

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  1. I'm sad for the concept, but not sad because of the poor execution. The best meals I've had there were mediocre at best. It's too bad, I had such high hopes when they opened. After half a dozen tries, I wrote them off.

    1. That's a drag but I appreciate the news Bob and hope to stop by and wish them well before they close. I wonder if they would have survived in that precious neighborhood even if the food was more widely praised, Huron Village is not the first place I think of when I think ethnic dining and the rent must have been steep. Lunches during the weekdays must have been real slow.

      1. Hate to agree, but the execution was indeed half-baked. I have not eaten there in a year and live and work close by...

        That said, it is a dear place.

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          I know a lot of folks did not think the place executed well, but I thought the food really was stellar, based on the small handful of times I'd gone in the past year. Nothing even near mediocre. Generous portions - great flavors. Admittedly a small sample size and always on weekends. I wonder if they improved in the past year...

          Frankly, the closing of the Walden Street Bridge made it more difficult to get into that neighborhood. That had no small affect on the frequency of my visits.

        2. So did anyone get to Ortanique yesterday? I wonder if they will re-open somewhere else...

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            Thanks for the news MistaDobalina Mr. Bob Dobalina. It's a shame. I enjoyed every visit. Friendly people and great food. The kind of food you can't get in certain neighborhoods.

          2. sigh, I didn't go by for a couple months, now an empty storefront...

            for those of us that harbor the latent idea that we could always open a small kitchen, and make a go of it, this is bad news....