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Jun 26, 2008 02:22 PM

Goed Eten - Kensington

Just tried out the Liege waffles - and they are delicious :) Remind me a bit of cinnamon buns with a crispy honey coating.
Wanted to write about this place because the service was just as good as the product....worth trying.
Just a note - Its only open Thursday to Sunday.
Looks like they offer sweet and savoury (waffles with ice cream, or waffle sandwiches)

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  1. Waffle sandwiches, that sounds like an American invention. I must have one!!!

    1. Its all very tasty but I have a weird time paying that much ($4 a sandwich) for something I could easily make at home. I should mention that i live 20 feet away from the place. If you are passing through and need a quick, albeit greasy, snack I'd say go for it.

      1. Unless you make your waffles with yeast and use pearl sugar, you can't make Liege-style waffles at home.... I like their waffles too. The Liege style ones are like comparing a Montreal style bagel to the bread with a hole in it you get at the grocery store. Too bad the ones they serve here are much smaller than the ones you get in Brussels, etc. But at least you CAN get them in T.O.

        Love it!

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          I was more referring to the sandwiches, but those sweet waffles sound tasty.

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            It's all good. Love your screen name, btw.