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Jun 26, 2008 02:07 PM


I've recently noticed the Speed's truck parked @ the Mutual Gas Station in Quincy, located at intersection of Adams St. & FBP. Yesterday morning it wasn't there so I ventured to Newmarket to try it out.
Glad I did as it was glorious, just glorious.

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  1. I'd send you to the penelty box for two minuets for using a fork & knife on that dog.

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      Truth be told I felt guilty using them, but I didn't want to waste any of the toppings!

      1. re: wolfetone

        There is no shame in simply licking the wrapper. Who's going to see you out in the middle of Newmarket Square?

    2. Earlier this week, I was having a crappy day at work. I had to run an errand midday on the north shore, and it took wayyy too long. Then on my way back down the I-93 tunnel southbound, a Truck driver with Quebec plates cut me off (make up your own joke here, at least he made it over the bridge without hitting a pillar), narrowly missing me as it changed lanes at the last second. While I was thankful that it didn't kill me, it did make me miss my exit.

      Now I'm emerging from the tunnel into the usual early-afternoon logjam...PO'ed more than ever. Saw the Albany St/South Bay exit and said to myself..I deserve me a Speed's dog after all that. Waited patiently through offramp traffic then made my way to Newmarket Sq and ordered up a big fattie with everything. It was the tastiest late-lunch I've ever had. Nobody in line, easy drive back to the office afterward. Ah, fate.