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Jun 26, 2008 02:00 PM

Parents Dinner

Trying to organize a dinner for Saturday night for my parents and the girlfriend's parents. Looking to get a reservation for good american cuisine anywhere below 60th east or west.
Have tried and failed to get a reservation at: BLT Market, Gramercy, Cookshop, Five Points, Strip House, Blue Hill, feels like i've called half the places in Manhattan.
Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. What about Keen's Steakhouse? It's a great place for a group and they usually have space.

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      Who doesnt like a good mutton chop? Not bad, thanks but keep the suggestions coming.

    2. Striphouse has seating for 4 at 6PM.

        1. Five Points has rezzie for 6 at 6pm according to open table