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Possible Scarborough Chowfind

I say possible as I didn't eat there. Met someone for a business meeting just after lunch and just had an espresso.

The place is called Calabria Bakery, on Midland just south of the 401. Parked in front and as soon as I got out of the car, I thought I was at ribfest. Turns out the bakery has a wood burning oven. The pizzas looked incredible, the hot food counter was practically picked bare-must have been a busy lunch crowd. The pastry display was full of just about every kind of traditional Italian pastry, the striking difference being that the pastries were larger than usual. The only pricing I can remember is a veal sandwich for $3.99 and pizza Margherita for $7.00, pretty fair pricing.

I rarely get to Scarborough, but when I do, this is first on my lunch list based on aroma alone.

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  1. Have you made it back for a wood-oven pizza yet? I'd just about faint if you told me it was a potato flour crust too. Must know details...

    1. The pizza's are incredible. Do yourself a favour and cross to the west seide of McCowan (McCowan and Pitfiled) and go to the Roti House. Their bonless chicken roti is best in the City

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        Agreed with the roti. And the doubles for that matter.

        But back to the pizza, can't believe I never thought to recommend it. My wife always raves about it when her work buys lunch for a once-in-a-Friday-while treat. Especially the one with broccoli, although I'm not sure if that's a set or special order.

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          You may have Calabria confused with Franchesca. Francesca is diagonally across the intersection of McCowan and Pitfield (Invergordon on the east side) from Roti Hut. Calabria is on Midland between Lawrence and Ellesmere, on the west side. Not so close to Roti Hut.

        2. I went in today looking for pizza and they are only made Thursdays and Fridays.

          I tried a veal sandwich ($4.50) and it was very average. A single piece of breaded veal on a small but very nice bun. It sits in sauce waiting to be made so the breading turns soggy. The hot peppers nearly killed me on the first bite. They looked like reconstituted dried red chilis, seeds and all.

          The desserts looked good, but the rest of their hot food offerings didn't appear to be all that fresh looking so I passed.

          Today the well used pizza oven was nothing more than a tease. I'd try Calabria again for a pizza and dessert, but I'd pass on the veal.

          1. Thanks for the finds Scary_Bill and Finnegan. Good to know there are some worthy Chow finds in the area.

            1. See my full review in the Best Pizza in Toronto thread.

              Very solid pizzas, inexpensive and darn tasty! Googs, I doubt it's potato flour.


              1. I made a link!

                Calabria Bakery
                1772 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

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                  Congratulations, Googs! x 3 (at least that's the number of links I found from you today) and thanks for making me laugh on a sluggish Friday morning!

                2. My friend and I have been meeting at Calabria on many Friday afternoons for a couple of months now. We've never made it there when the pizza oven was on, though (well, we did once, but had just finished stuffing ourselves at Vienna Meats and were there just for coffee).

                  Today we tried both the Calabria and Impero pizzas. We had the Calabria first and really enjoyed the toppings, but found the centre too mushy. We ordered the Impera well done, and the crust held up perfectly in the middle. I'd definitely order a well done Calabria again (pancetta, hot peppers and black olives). I liked everything about the Impera except the capers -- too salty. It also had black forest ham, hot peppers and something else, I think. The pizza guy, came out later and asked how we enjoyed our pizzas. He said next time we should try the DiAnna, which is olive oil, chopped tomatoes, bonconcini slices, oregano (can't remember what else). Has anyone tried this? We've decided to try this and the last one on the list (mixed veggies, I think) on our next visit.

                  I often have new Chowfinds I want to try with my friend, but he keeps wanting to go back to Calabria, and we're never disappointed. After 4 pm they mark down the veggie stuff in the hot table to half price. I brought home a rice ball and reheated it later. Delicious! I'd never have thought to try one without CH. Thanks you guys (and gals).

                  If you're there at 5:30, you can buy a huge bag of day-old buns, that are still from that day, for $1.50. They freeze and thaw out just as fresh as they started.

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                    Just wanted to warn people that if they're making a trip to Calabria on a Thursday or Friday with plans to get a pizza, it might be a good idea to call ahead to make sure the wood-fired oven will be on. My friend and I arrived there just after 2 pm yesterday (Friday) and the oven had already been shut off. We were told they were so busy with catering orders they nearly didn't turn it on at all that day. I imagine this is something that mainly happens during the holiday season (perhaps also during the prime wedding season in the summer), but I'd hate to have driven a long way and end up disappointed.

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                      Thanks. I was planning on going Thursday. I think I'll call now. Good advice.