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Jun 26, 2008 01:51 PM


Hey, I moved to New York from Philly a couple years ago and have had little luck in finding cheap, large, greesy and delicious sandwich joints. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. I think you need to pick and choose the kinds of sandwich you want. That said, some good spots:

    Aliodoro, Sullivan between Spring and Prince, good italian cold cuts on good bread. HTe stuff you want on an italian sandwich, but it still breaks my heart that they are not the works of aart they were when Allessandro was running it as Melampo;
    Shortys, 9th Ave, just below 42nd on the east side of the Ave., where to get that roast pork with italian seasoning (opened as an off shoot of Tony Lukes on Oregon Ave.);
    Manganaro Groceria, 9th Ave about 39th-38th Sts. Another good spot for an Italian sandwich, cold be thicker and more generous with the meat;
    Manganaro's Hero Boy, same block as the Groceria although they claim to be unrelated, same stuff but made faster and without as great stuff, but they deliver to much of the area;
    Karl's Steaks, 3rd Ave above 33rd, for when you want a cheesesteak.

    Anything else you looking for?

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      I'm with Captain re Aliodoro and Shorty's (which I only tried as Tony Luke's) but I say skip both Manganaro's Hero Boy and Groceria. Best I found in Manhattan for a cold cut sub was the Italian combo at Salumeria Beliesse. For hot sandwiches, the subs at Lazarra's can't be beat.

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        I completely agree with Salumeria Beliesse. I recently went there after reading Ed Levine's post and brought my own Grandaisy bread and ordered the Italian combo. It was really great. And, Lazzara's has one of the best chicken parm sandwiches around. There meatball sub is pretty good as well and Salumeria Beliesse also has hot sandwiches, though I cannot comment on them.

        If you want the best, go to Arthur Avenue and Mike's Deli.

    2. give lamazou a try. not exactly cheap or large or greasy but if you're looking for quality and general delish, that's the joint.

      1. What is a Hoagie? In NY it is a hero, sub or (in the suburbs) a wedge.

        Alas, the nyc sandwich shop is a thing of the past. You have to go to the suburbs to find great delis with great sandwiches: everything from meatball wedges to parm heroes to rare (home cooked) roast beef, all on perfect arthur ave. bread.

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        1. re: tbear

          A hoagie is the philly way of saying sub.....

          1. re: kcijones001

            Not exactly-a hoagie always includes shredded lettuce and tomato and oil and vinegar as well as a little oregano.

            1. re: samiam123

              Don't forget the jalapeno peppers! Turkey hoagies...yum.

        2. The original comment has been removed