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Jun 26, 2008 01:51 PM

Moving to Atlanta - Need to find the following

So a dear friend has taken a job in Atlanta. She is moving from Los Angeles and will be living a few miles from downtown Atlanta - but she has a car. She needs (and I mean NEEDS) the following to survive (in no particular order).

1. Mexican
2. Pizza
3. Sushi
4. Deli
5. Breakfast place
6. Coffee place
7. Desserts
8. Burgers

I thank you all for your help!!

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  1. Everything is really spread out here. Will she be inside the city perimeter or outside?

    In any event, we have those things in spades, although a really good deli is hard to find here, and good pizza is so subjective. Breakfast, coffee, desserts, burgers,sushi and Mexican we have in abundance!

    1. My favorite Mexican place is in Tucker. Taqueria de los Hermanos. But intown La Fonda will work for a fix. Also, Las Magaritas on Cheshire Bridge is really very good.
      Pizza, Rosa's Downtown is the best. I also love Shorty's on North Druid Hills.
      Sushi, MF Sushi on Ponce is great. My favorite is Kang Nam on Buford Hwy outside the perimeter.
      Deli, ouch a tough one. Bagel Palace? maybe for breakfast deli. Deli, Goldbergs might just be it.
      I have to move on to Desserts. Chocolate Pink in Midtown.
      Burgers, Vortex in Little Five Points.
      There are so many other places to try. This is just a start. I hope your friend loves it here. This is such a simple list and there are some really awesome places in Atlanta.
      I hope she loves it here.

      1. 1) Nuevo Lorado ( it gets pretty crowded there every night by 6 but it is worth it
        2) Everybody's ( is the best but Felini's ( is classic Atlanta
        3) Ru San's ( great food and great prices
        4) no idea
        5) West Egg ( unbeatable breakfast...I recommend the Georgia Benedict or banana bread french toast
        6) Octane ( good coffee, amazing art, beer, and food...hands down the best
        7) Cafe Intermezzo ( they also have great gourmet drinks (the white hot chocolate is a dessert itself) and a full bar
        8) I second the Vortex (

        All of these places have at least one location in midtown. Hope that helps.

        1. Sorry I have some blanks :)

          1. Nuevo Laredo, overrated in my opinion, not worth the wait..Check out Sala in Virginia Highlands.
          2. Slice on Howell Mill.
          3. Sushi Huku
          5. West Egg, hands down.
          8. Ann's Snack Shack (Home of the Ghettoburger!)

          1. With no info regarding what part of town we are looking at I will just wing it

            Mexican: Nueva Laredo or Taqueria del Sol (I will catch flack for this, but I really prefer the Decatur location to the original)

            Pizza: Everybody's is pretty good. For "fancy" pizza I really love 5 Season's Brewing (Sandy Springs) Baraonda (Midtown) and Fritti (Inman Park). I am not from Atlanta, so maybe my pizza taste is different from the norm here (Brooklyn rather than Brookhaven), but I think Fellini's is godawful (though they have great patios). If you are looking for a chain, rather than Fellini's I would recommend Mellow Mushroom (especially the Magical Mystery Tour pie - YUM!).

            Sushi: If your friend is on expense account or splurging absolutely MF Buckhead (almost $200 a person last time I went there) or MF Sushibar (probably about half the price) are where she wants to eat. There are lots of very decent neighborhood places you can eat at for $20 or less per person. I eat a lot at Thaicoon on Briarcliff. Nothing fancy but very reasonably priced and consistent. I like Taka (Pharr Rd.) for fun rolls and if I am in Gwinett I really like Haru Ichiban where you cannot go wrong with the Chef's Choice sashimi.

            Deli: Bad news. There is absolutely no decent deli to be had here. The best option I have found is Bagel Palace at Toco Hills. Not great but the best of a bad lot.

            Breakfast: Thumbs Up. Inman Park. There is no substitute

            Coffee: I like San Francisco Coffee on North Highland, Chocolatte' (the Decatur one), Inman Perk, and Octane.

            Desserts. For taking home I love Piece of Cake (Buckhead) and Alon's (Morningside and Perimeter). There is no where I really go out for dessert.

            Burgers: Vortex is good but they are 21 and up so I rarely go. I know I will get nailed for naming a chain, but I love the bison burgers at Ted's - they are every bit as good at the beef burgers (which are great) and they are so much healthier! Also, the Clubhouse at Lenox makes a very nice burger.

            Hope she enjoys!