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Jun 26, 2008 01:51 PM

Where Can I Find Bone-In Filet

My husband and I just came back from vacation where we had a bone-in filet mignon at a fantastic steakhouse in Seattle. Can anyone think of where this may be offered locally? I saw that some menus offer a bone-in ribeye, but I did not know if that has a similar taste and texture. I would venture to say no, but if someone has had both, maybe they can set me right. Thanks : )

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  1. Had it as a special one night at La Boca. Quite tasty.

    1. In general, ribeyes and filet are almost complete opposites, bone in or not. I always have ribeyes and almost never a filet. The filet is too lean and the texture too soft for me. The ribeye while tender, is fatty and considerably more flavorful. I like a ribeye on the bone but even boneless, it would still be more flavorful than the filet .