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Jun 26, 2008 01:27 PM

French/European-Style Yogurt [split from Manhattan board]

Here is your answer. I know because after years of trying to make that creamy, delicious European yogurt, a friend told me how to do it.

use CHEESE CLOTH. You must separate the whey (the liquidy stuff) from the yogurt. European yogurt is not made with heavier cream or milk...at least not that I can tell. If you take good quality yogur that is not filled with all that nasty gelatin stuff (I like 2 %Stoneyfield) and plop the entire container into a cheesecloth lined strainer, you will have European style yogurt in about 30 to 45 minutes depending on how much you put in.

But watch that you don't take out too much whey. You'll know. It will get really cheesy. You can always stir some whey back in to make it as creamy and delicious as you like.

I never join any chat rooms because I don't have time. However, I have been so excited wtih this information I want to share it with everyone!

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  1. Do you mean Greek-style yogurt? All the yogurt I've ever eaten in Europe is runny and tangy, not thick and tangy like the Mediterranean style yogurts.

    1. If you strain it for a long time and take out "too much whey" you get labneh - an Arab cheese - which is also delicious.

      1. Question though...Ever tried Trader Joe's European Style Thick and Creamy Yogurt? It's nothing like the special strained Greek Yogurt (also amazing). In Italy, the plain yogurt (or another flavor, simply called "bianca" and slightly sweetened) was sweet and thick.

        What's going on there? Is it half strained? It sure tastes creamier.

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          I am obsessed with white cow dairy yogurt (sold at murray's cheese store) and I know what you mean about the consistency. I have done everything to replicate this yogurt including straining and I can't get it right. Straining makes it too thick and dense, does anyone know how to make a creamy thick yogurt without the slimy texture often associated with yogurt? How do you make Euro/French style yogurt without gelatin.