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Jun 26, 2008 01:25 PM

Iggy's Bakery Store, rediscovered

I just rediscovered the goodies at Iggy's Bakery Store in Alewife-- yum, caramel cookies and pan pizzas. They have the best brioche hot dog and hamburger buns... great for summer BBQ. What is your fave Iggy's ??

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  1. By far my favorite item to get there is the chocolate croisant. Its certainly one of my favorite food items in town and perhaps... the world(?!)

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        Yes and it's as delicious as the hot stuff from Illy and Terroir - favorites there include any of the pizzas (plain cheese always great), ham/cheese croissant (sometimes even still warm!), cherry slice pastry, and the epi or francese breads.

    1. The bagels. They are so crisp and flavorful and not-flabby. I love their sesame and poppy bagels, I bring a bunch home, slice them up and freeze immediately for weekday morning breakfasts.

      Also the Francese bread and the ficelle.

      oh and edited to add: the round croissant-raisin pastry. (Looks like a cinnamon roll but isn't.) It's intensely buttery and not very sweet.

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        Our favorite bagel there is usually the everything bagel. Couple of weekends ago, we got the everything, sesame, and poppy - they were all disappointingly bready and poofy. We are hoping that was a off-one experience.

      2. One of the better and authentic rye breads in town and the Francese. Their tarts are also good as well as the croissants.

        1. Agree on all of these.

          When I'm too lazy to make my own brioche buns, I use the ones from Iggy's to make my knockoff rendition of the lobster roll from Neptune. It's a consistent crowd pleaser; to round out the Boston chow experience, I pair it with a batch of Dali's sangria.

          Their various pizza is best after reheating, but it makes a terrific lunch on a laid-back weekend day.

          1. I love the Iggy's 7-grain dinner rolls. Whenever I'm making a soup at home, I pick some up to round out the meal. I'm not sure if they always have, but I noticed recently that they have a booth at the Copley Farmer's Market, which I visit religiously. Too bad I'm trying to cut out the carbs for now....