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Anyone been to Enology yet??

We are planning to roll over there on sat around happy hour. If it's anywhere near as good as Veritas they will have another hit on their hands! Although we are Cleveland Park groupies, i am not familiar with the side over on Wisco. Is there any street parking near there? What about for dinner after...what would you all recommend if we wanted to stay on Wisco and walk to dinner after some wine? Any food/price ok. One place i've been wanting to check out though is Cafe Divan so if there are any reports on that please include (although i know we'd have to drive or taxi there from Enology).


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  1. It's actually not a bad walk from Enology to Cafe Divan, about a mile. I went in late on a Friday night and the place was not very crowded. I did have a really good dirty martini (yes, I know-it's a wine bar). We ordered one of their flatbreads (which I was expecting to be more of cracker/lavash type bread with savories). What we ended up receiving was basically a pizza-not so great.

    I haven't dined at Cafe Divan for a couple of years but the last few times I thought the food had gone downhill from when they first opened-maybe things have gotten better.

    1. There's parking on the Wisconsin side similar to what you find around the Connecticut strip. Not always easy but available.

      On nearby (walking distance) places, there are really two main options. First, Two Amys, which though noisy (according to a recent Washingtonian or Post article, the city's noisiest!), the best pizza in the city in my view. It's on Macomb just half a block west of Wisconsin. Then second, Cactus Cantina on the NW corner of the same intersection. Not great but passable Mexican. Cafe Divan is a bit farther like you said but, if you do the cab ride, you have that and Bistro Lepic right near each other. I haven't noticed any real decline with Cafe Divan over the years. Very good Turkish though not quite as good as some others like one near Post Office Square in Boston whose name escapes me but had the best Yogurtlu Kebab. Finally, Bistro Lepic is a very nice and reliable higher-end French "bistro"; more restaurant than classic Bistro a la Bistro du Coin in Dupont.

      I'd love to get more feedback on Enology once others make it there. Had signed up for a pre-opening "mock service" we ultimately couldn't make but hoping it's the real deal.

      1. Enology is great. Great list. Half price bottles on Monday I think. I am half Turkish and Cafe Divan is the best Turkish food in the DC area for sure.

        1. I was VERY disappointed with Cafe Divan. I love Turkish food, and have been to quite a few places in the area that serves the cuisine. I had heard this place was really good. I found all our dishes to be bland and tasteless. I really wanted to like this place, but nothing had that usual/ wonderful Turkish seasoning to its dishes.

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            I agree. I have not been impressed on either of my visits there. Maybe I'm ordering wrong, but I just don't get it.

          2. I live in the neighborhood and have been a few times. It's been wonderful each time - we haven't eaten there yet, though. As far as restaurants: 2 Amys and Cactus are across the street, Cafe Deluxe is next door, or walk down to Glover Park for sushi.

            1. So finally made it to Enology last week and, hate to say it, but we were pretty disappointed. At first we thought the focus on American-only was unnecessarily too limiting but, after everyone in our group of four talked about it, we agreed that the quality just wasn't there. We did a four-cheese plate including one of the blues (forget which--maybe Pt Reyes?) and something called Prima Caciota. The blue tasted oddly metallic and just not at all like it should. The Prima was like the two others (one of those was goat) whose names I can't remember: bland. A caprese type salad was equally disappointing. It's the heart of heirloom season but this salad had just a few sadly thin slices of ordinary tomato and equally thin slices of what tasted like store-bought, cow mozzarella. Finally, we ordered a 6 charcuterie plate including the smoked duck (again, like the cheese; very flat in flavor), pepper salami (really tasted like what you'd buy in any Giant) and a prosciutto which had the stiffness and rainbowing color that indicates overaging or storage problems.

              So, the wines. We did have a nice California Pinot our waiter recommended and another Montepulicano style red that was okay.

              The service was good--our waiter was able to answer questions and was very nice. We didn't send anything back and know some will say we should have. There was just such an air of mediocrity around all the food items that we didn't have the heart to complain since it's an ingredient/sourcing issue largely rather than preparation. For a glass or bottle of wine, Dino is vastly superior in selection, quality and experience. And the food is largely skippable. It'd really be so great for there to be a high-quality wine bar in Cleveland Park. Maybe Enology will rethink its menu soon (Cork would be a great model) to carve out more of a sustainable position in the local restaurant scene. I hope so.

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                Really? We liked it! It isn't as good as Veritas to be sure, but it was decent. I loved the openness and the light in that place. Our cheese we ordered was pretty good, and the wines all tasty (except one that had a strange aroma and taste of flowers). We do like Dino too, especially Chris at the bar, but the wine is always room temp which i loathe. Same deal at Bardeo; we told the bar tender there that we didn't come there anymore (well one time we did recently to get the $5 valet stamp to park in CP!!) because their reds were warm. I told them they needed the temp controlled storage unit and she said they would like to but didn't have any room for one. So, i still think CP is ahead of other neighborhoods with 3 legit places to drink wine,,,,,if you dont' mind it room temp at 2 of them!

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                  I like it too. The food is somewhat of an afterthought, I agree with that. Some of the flatbreads have been good, others not so much. I haven't tried the salad. I wasn't really expecting much, since I think their original plan was to follow the model of Veritas - cheese / meat / chocolate only. It is not a dining destination by any means.

                  I'm not very experienced with wines, but I've found the waitstaff to be helpful in terms of descriptions and recommendations, based on what I was looking for. And I like the interior, it's a nice change from the dark Zebra lounge space. It's a bit noisy when it fills up and the music is on, but not nearly as noisy as Veritas.

                  I like Bardeo and Dino too, and that's where I'd go for a real meal to accompany the wines. Is it worth a trip across town? Probably not - But I live walking distance from Enology, and it's great to have a place for grownups to sit and converse over drinks.

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                    I guess you're right about the food being an afterthought but, if that's what's really going on, they should really expand the quality and number of wines. Some people say the food at Dino is an afterthought. I think that's too broad a brush though do find it to be inconsistent. But the wines are incredible in selection, quality and value. That really differentiates Dino. With Enology, the food is very variable at best and poor quality at worst. And the wines are limited in selection and thoughtfulness. The space is nice, light and airy--I agree there. But I care more about the wine and food for a wine bar than the building.

              2. Re Cafe Divan I work near there, and it's one of the few places close to work to get lunch. Doner Kebab is good, and large portion. Tabouli tends to be dry and flavorless. Lentil soup is good. I haven't eaten in but I hope the service at table is better than the "could not care less" attitude that they show at the takeout counter. If you really want Turkish food I guess it's OK.

                1. Went to Enology last Saturday night. Was a little underwhelmed. After our experience at Eno in Chicago we were excited to find a similar concept here even if it was all American. I realize the bar used to be Zebra lounge but the window side area was absolutely freezing with a lot of drafts from the vents. I prefer a cozier feel for a wine bar. This was more modern. I couldn't drink much but I did taste the wine flight of my companion. It was just ok and this was supposedly the Chef's Choice of reds. The wine didn't have a lot of depth. The individual chocolates were too small to split as opposed to the ones we had in Chicago. But I guess that's why you order more, huh? My four cheese plate ($14) was very good. I selected a goat cheese, a cheddar and a two others I can't remember. But they were all high-quality, generously sized and ample bread was provided with olives and a fig jelly. I thought it was a much better value than the cheese plate I had seen at EatBar in Arlington. The service was slow towards the end--the waitress had to cover the whole section. And she didn't seem that knowledgable or enthused about the menu. I will likely try Veritas or Cork next time. The happy hour did look like a good deal here though. We had a pleasant meal at Cactus Cantina beforehand. Street parking wasn't hard to find in the neighborhoods nearby.