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Jun 26, 2008 01:22 PM

Anyone been to Enology yet??

We are planning to roll over there on sat around happy hour. If it's anywhere near as good as Veritas they will have another hit on their hands! Although we are Cleveland Park groupies, i am not familiar with the side over on Wisco. Is there any street parking near there? What about for dinner after...what would you all recommend if we wanted to stay on Wisco and walk to dinner after some wine? Any food/price ok. One place i've been wanting to check out though is Cafe Divan so if there are any reports on that please include (although i know we'd have to drive or taxi there from Enology).


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  1. It's actually not a bad walk from Enology to Cafe Divan, about a mile. I went in late on a Friday night and the place was not very crowded. I did have a really good dirty martini (yes, I know-it's a wine bar). We ordered one of their flatbreads (which I was expecting to be more of cracker/lavash type bread with savories). What we ended up receiving was basically a pizza-not so great.

    I haven't dined at Cafe Divan for a couple of years but the last few times I thought the food had gone downhill from when they first opened-maybe things have gotten better.

    1. There's parking on the Wisconsin side similar to what you find around the Connecticut strip. Not always easy but available.

      On nearby (walking distance) places, there are really two main options. First, Two Amys, which though noisy (according to a recent Washingtonian or Post article, the city's noisiest!), the best pizza in the city in my view. It's on Macomb just half a block west of Wisconsin. Then second, Cactus Cantina on the NW corner of the same intersection. Not great but passable Mexican. Cafe Divan is a bit farther like you said but, if you do the cab ride, you have that and Bistro Lepic right near each other. I haven't noticed any real decline with Cafe Divan over the years. Very good Turkish though not quite as good as some others like one near Post Office Square in Boston whose name escapes me but had the best Yogurtlu Kebab. Finally, Bistro Lepic is a very nice and reliable higher-end French "bistro"; more restaurant than classic Bistro a la Bistro du Coin in Dupont.

      I'd love to get more feedback on Enology once others make it there. Had signed up for a pre-opening "mock service" we ultimately couldn't make but hoping it's the real deal.

      1. Enology is great. Great list. Half price bottles on Monday I think. I am half Turkish and Cafe Divan is the best Turkish food in the DC area for sure.

        1. I was VERY disappointed with Cafe Divan. I love Turkish food, and have been to quite a few places in the area that serves the cuisine. I had heard this place was really good. I found all our dishes to be bland and tasteless. I really wanted to like this place, but nothing had that usual/ wonderful Turkish seasoning to its dishes.

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            I agree. I have not been impressed on either of my visits there. Maybe I'm ordering wrong, but I just don't get it.

          2. I live in the neighborhood and have been a few times. It's been wonderful each time - we haven't eaten there yet, though. As far as restaurants: 2 Amys and Cactus are across the street, Cafe Deluxe is next door, or walk down to Glover Park for sushi.