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Jun 26, 2008 12:54 PM

Pittsburgh - Eastern Suburbs recommendations?

New to the area and am overwhelmed by the number of poor-mediocre chain restaurants. Are there any good independent (or small, local chain places) in the eastern 'burbs, for those evenings when I'm not up for traveling too far? I'm looking for places in Penn Hills, Monroeville, Oakmont, especially.

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  1. Here’s a site for Oakmont restaurants.
    I would start with these three. Mighty Oak Barrel, Hoffstot’s, Café Monaco Some of the other places might very well be good, also. I don’t get over there much. You could find out most of what you want to know just by strolling around there. It’s a nice town. If you are in the area of Hoffstot’s and Café Monaco, you are near Oakmont Bakery. Oakmont Bakery is a destination kind of place. Stop there. After re-reading this, I have to say that it’s better than a nice town. You could look at Carabella for ladies clothes. And Mystery Lovers Bookshop is well known in the area.

    1. Udipi Cafe is excellent, cheap South Indian 4141 old wm penn

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        Be aware that Udipi Cafe is vegetarian, Lamb Masala there!!!