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Jun 26, 2008 12:49 PM

Weber BBQ and Accessories

Does anyone know where I can buy a Weber gold kettle grill and the following accessories? I tried Home Depot in Pointe-Claire, and Reno Depot but they only had the Weber Silver grill and no accessories. Home Depot online has the grill, but they don't have any of them in stock and I don't want to wait. They also don't have any of the accessories I'm looking for. Does anyone know of any good places where I can find what I'm looking for? Thanks for the help, and this site has been a tremendous help so far. I hope I'm posting in the right section.


Weber Gold 22.5 Grill
Charcoal Fuel Holder
Chimney Stater
Rib Rack

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  1. You should call Hogg's Hardware on Sherbrooke c/o Victoria in Westmount. They have an extensive range of Weber products and if for any chance they do not have it in stock they will order your items for you

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    1. re: finefoodie55

      Great, Ill check it out this week.


    2. I bought my chimney starter at Hogg, my silver grill was bought at Rona but I wish I had the gold. The chimney starter was the best investment I've made ... 2 crumpled up sheets of newspaper go on the bottom, on top goes your charcoal & 1 match later you have smoke ... 15 minutes later your coals are all grey & you are good to go grill. I also saw rib racks at Hogg but home depot had rib racks (not Weber) cheaper.

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      1. re: RhondaB

        Anyone know where I can find a cover a Silver 22.5.
        I have a brand new one but it's for 18.5, bought it online and can't exchange it!

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            I managed to go to Hoogs yesterday and bought my Weber Gold Kettle Grill. Thanks for the suggestion.

      2. Something that makes your BBQ taste delicious--use wood chips --right now I'm using Wicked Hardwood Charcoal. Use it with newspaper and the chimney starter--superb taste. i'll never go back to a gas grill again!

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          I've been using alot of hickory and mesquite wood chips. Its unbelievable the amount of taste it gives the food. I love my weber and could never see myself going back to propane.

        2. There's a barbecue store in Pierrefonds on Gouin, but I forget the name. They have almost everything.