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Vegas recommendations

We will be in LV next month.

Suggestions from the other couple who we will be with have been

Red Square

These are all new to me. They go to LV about every month. I'm not a gambler and am only going for the food and shows.

Any feedback and or recommendations on these would be appreciated. Nobhill seems to be at a much higher price point. MM @ the Bellagio looks to have a more extensive menu at the same price.

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  1. I had a fantastic meal and the best rib eye I've come across thus far at Nobhill. I'll be dining there again soon, taking advantage of MGM's summer menu: http://www.mgmgrand.com/images/pdf/su...

    I tried Kokomos a while back. The food didn't warrant the prices, service was disorganized, our steaks were some of the worst I can remember.

    1. nobhill is great. try a cable car. sensei is good for lunch. not aware of great food at red square, but its a great place to have a drink.

      1. A few years ago I tried Kokomos, the food was fine, nothing special. There are much better restaurants in Vegas to go to.

        1. Nobhill is great I like it better than MM at the bellagio (Mainly due to the fact that I was disappointed with the premium wine pairing at MM). Cable cars and the lobster pot pie are a good way to go.

          Aureole - had 2 great meals there a year or so ago.

          Red square - great martinis, They have a great caviar and drink happy hour that can't be beat.

          1. Highly recommend Aureole.

            1. Appreciate the feedback. Nobhill and Sensi are top on the list with Aureole stuck some where in between.

              1. I did a complete review of Aureole about 19 mos. back. Should pop up with a "search this board." I was less than impressed. Pretty much the same with SeaBlue, which was in that same review, IIRC.

                Reg Square has gotten some good recs. from board members, but I'm not sure I'd rate any of these as real CH's.

                What price-point are you looking at, and please indicate if wine/beverages are/are not included in that. It will help a lot.

                I'm also with you on going to LV. I do not gamble, though do drop my coins into the sommelier's pocket for good wine. Also, every time I think I've seen all of Cirque offerings, there is another.


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                  With all due respect to Bill Hunt, I have really enjoyed my 3 visits to Aureole. Their tasting menu has been spot on as have the wine pairings. I prefer Swan Court to the main dining room. It's quieter and more romantic. Have not been to any of your other options.

                  1. re: climberdoc

                    Isn't that the wonderful thing about dining? We are having similar discussions on the New Orleans board, regarding Stella! Some folk have had great service and meals, and at almost the same time, deplorable meals and mediocre service. Same restaurant, and only a few days apart. Many of the same subscribers agee 100% on other restaurants.

                    I was also unimpressed with Michael Mina's SeaBlue on that same visit. Now, I'm a big fan of MM's in SF, and have had many great meals. Aureole and SeaBlue did not impress me in the least. The food, the wines, the general ambiance and the service all fell far short. That was my personal observation based solely on the dinners, that we had.

                    All I can say is that I'm glad that others have had better experiences. Were I Gordon Ramsey, and called in, I'd change both by a good 80%, but that is my preference.


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                      B & B seems like another example of that. Some love it and can't say enough positive about it. One the other hand, many think it's crowded, loud with bad music, has distant service and is oversalted. I fell somewhere in between but probably more to the positive side. Yes, that is the wonderful thing about dining as well as dining websites.

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                        We were just at the Palazzo, and I gave B & B a good long look. In the end, and as we had reservations, I didn't make it in. I had not recalled the reviews here, but did look up a few, after the trip. It looked good, and the menu was attractive, still the time was not available. If it's "loud," then I am glad that I did not dine there. I want to be able to speak with my companion, in normal tones - not shout.

                        I usually do not mind "taking one for the team," but the time was tight on that trip. Maybe next time.

                        On a non-food note: Palazzo was excellent in the service department - unlike nearly every other place we've stayed. They were eager to do things right for the guests.



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                          The new Wine Spectator has a full article about the restaurants at the Palazzo. It mostly focuses on the celebrity chef places. Interesting read.

                          1. re: climberdoc

                            Not sure if I have gotten this one yet. I'll be interested in the read. Unfortunately, my boy Bulldog has decided that WS is on his reading list. Sometimes, I have to piece it together.

                            Over the years, I have had many problems with the WS dining recs., but am always ready to learn.

                            From a culinary standpoint, I enjoyed some of Palazzo, though most of our serious dining was at other properties. I did rather like the wine bar, Double-Helix, and looked around the wines shop Helix. Did not get to try Emeril's Table Ten, which provides food for Double-Helix.

                            Still, the Palazzo got many points on their client treatment, if not on their food.


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                    Thanks Bill. I imagine a couple of bottles of wine will be consumed between the four of us. We are trying to get better reservations at Sensi (currently on 5pm available) and Nobhill is second on the list. I'm not that price sensitive but in LV some of the prices are way above what they should be. Entrees in the high 30s to mid 40s are okay. Nobhill is above that on average and just want to know is it worth it, cause I can only assume the wine will be priced high as well.

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                      Regarding NobHill, when dining at MM's SF (Union SQ.) I was talking to the staff about SeaBlue and my disappointment. They shared details on the involvement of MM in that restaurant. They all agreed that NobHill was the best (at that time) MM place in LV. We've yet to fit it in, but the staff in SF was very high on it. Seems that MM sends the staff from HIS (emphasis added, based on comments on SeaBlue) restaurants to other spots in his empire to learn and to share. They were all committed to NobHill. That carries weight with me.

                      Please give us a review,


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        I'll give a little shoutout to Red Square. Now, I have never eaten there, but it is my favorite bar in Las Vegas. If you are a vodka drinker, you have to visit. If you like your vodka straight up or on the rocks, they have an excellent array of vodkas to choose from. The bartenders will help you select one that suits your tastes. I was there again Wednesday night and Dominic let me sample several vodkas before settling on one to drink. If you like martinis, they have a big selection.
                        If you dine at Aureole, just walk across to Red Square to either start off or end your night.

                        1. re: scabbardgirl

                          I've never been, but many of my board members sing the praises of Red Square. They are probably enamored with the vodka, more than being "foodies," but they have loved it.


                  3. Well we have reservations at Nobhill. Thanks for the input and suggestions.

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                      Don't forget, that you owe the board a review!



                    2. I would also recommend RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay. My wife and I had a wonderful meal there in April. Service was also superb. Anyone else try it?

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                        Last Thanksgiving, I hosted an 8 person group at Sensi and we loved it. Quietly elegant Zen decor contributed a calmness not often found in Vegas. Food was clean, minimalist and top quality. Sommelier was superb -- a particular expert in New Zealand wines. The breads were spectacular.

                        We were all pleasantly surprised and delighted with Sensi.