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Jun 26, 2008 12:31 PM

Moving to 43rd and 9th--suggestions?

Yes, I know the obvious suggestion is "Don't move to 43rd and 9th!"

This'll be my first time spending any significant time in the area. About the only places I go to now in that area are Poseidon Bakery, Go Go Curry, Il Melograno, Island Burgers and Pam Real Thai. I'm not looking for destination dining, but rather suggestions on good takeout/delivery, comfy neighborhood places, etc. Thanks!

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  1. For a fantastic muffaletta:
    Delta Grill
    700 9th Ave | At 48th St

    1. Queen of Sheba for Ethiopian; Hallo Berlin for beer & sausage; Daisy May's for barbecue

      1. Wondee Siam II on 54/9 is decent takeout/delivery Thai. El Centro, which is catty-cornered to WSII, is haute-ish Mexican. I'm a fan of Pluck U, which is around 50th and 9th for wings as well.

        1. Definitely give Marseille a chance... friendly service, delicious French food, and it's only a block away! (44th/9th).

          1. i'll add shorty's and uncle nick's/ouzeria to the list. i'll second island burgers, daisy may and marseille. i didn't like delta grill the only time i went. although there are countless thai places near 9th, i'd try chai on W55 and 8th. it's far better than pam real thai and encore, siam, bangkok house and yum yum IMO. i tried the tiropita at poseidon for the first time. it tastes nothing like it should. i was so disappointed.