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Jun 26, 2008 12:00 PM

Do You Go Through Good Wine Withdrawal?

Just curious. For the past few years I have found that if I go a few weeks without drinking serious wine, I get moody and a true craving for it -- much the same way I would crave a cigarette when I used to smoke. (Of course, ideally I would drink serious wine several times per week, but budget and caloric intake dictate otherwise...)

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  1. Absolutely. While my wife was pregnant, I've never drank less wine in my life and now I'm left with a serious storage issue since I wasn't able to temper my purchases ;)

    Now, that she can drink (a little) it's better, but instead of enjoying a bottle or two during the week, I open bottles on the weekend.

    1. heheheheh! We try not to let that happen...

      1. Oh, I do, absolutely.

        After a couple of weeks without, it's like a craving, and I will not be denied.

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