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Jun 26, 2008 11:34 AM

Barcelona report. short.

Passadis, fun, good but expensive, maybe overpriced.
Alkimia, too modern for me- blue soup and grey and black sauce
Paco Meralgo, good, reliable tapas, modern setting, would go back
Cuidad Condal, busy, popular seemed reliable enough
Pinotxo, excellent. Love the chickpeas
Hisop, one of our best meals, excellent John Dory, excellent suckling pig
Can Fabes, executed perfectly, fish heavy but a bit boring
Taller de tapas, a chain but seemed to do the trick.
La Vinya del senyor, lovely spot, great wine
Tapac 24, excellent, loved the bikini, would go again in a shot.

Wanted to go to El Xampanyet and La Plata but both shut.

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  1. Too bad, El Xampanyet is fun, but has strange hours.

    1. I am leaving for Barcelona on Sunday and read your report.Where are Hisop and Pinotxo, they sound inviting. How expensive?? We will be in Batcelona 3 nights.

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        Having just returned from BCN, we would like to make a few recommendations. You can have really good food at tapas bars reasonably inexpensively, but if you want to have a nice dinner, you need to be prepared to spend big bucks ~ $100 per person.

        For tapas:
        El Xampanyet in the Born
        El Vaso de Oro in Barceloneta
        L'Altre Set Born in the Born

        For a moderately priced dinner: (~$60pp)
        Cal Pep in the Born (prepare to reservations!)
        Cafe de l'Academia near the cathedral
        7 Portes for the best paella in BCN, and perhaps anywhere

        For big bucks...but worth it:

        Comerc 24 - a protege of Ferran Adria at El Bulli...a wonderful place to experience cutting edge Catalon cooking

        Moo - at the Om Hotel...avant garde Catalon cooking in a very modern environment- great fun

        Hofmann - a very wonderful restaurant run by the best cooking school in BCN

        CAUTION: Under no circumstances fall for the hype of some guidebooks and go to 4 Cats . This is strictly a tourist joint with high prices for crappy food and service.

        1. re: josephnl

          Thank you for the suggestions. Cal Pep seems to be on every list. I will try to make reservations at Comerc 24 and Hofman, not very Spanish sounding. Are these restaurants jacket and tie places??

          1. re: skipmd17

            Although you will certainly see patrons with coats (no tie) at these places, Barcelona is an extremely hip, contemporary, youthful and very casual city. We did not take a coats with us (upon the advice of a local we know), and we did not feel uncomfortable anywhere. Stylish casual clothing will fit in anywhere.

            As mentioned by mouton noir below, El Quim in the Boqueria is a wonderful tapas bar.

      2. I miss Qu Qu on Passeig de Gracia. MMMM, croquetas de tres quesos and chorizitos. Very yummy.

        1. My wife and I just returned from 3 fabulous days in Barca, June 26 to June 28, and was going to write my own report but will add it to this thread and keep it as short as possible, following REKHA's model:

          JUNE 26
          El Quim de la Boqueria: Fabulous tapas place in Boqueria market. Albondegas were in a great sauce, calamares were perfectly cooked, we ordered pimientos padron off the menu and Quim made them. With 2 beers, 22 Euros.
          Cinc Sentis: the fabulous cutting-edge Catalan resto in Eixample. Both had the 65euro degustation menu. Worth every penny, except for the last dessert which was a chocolate wtih crunchy bread. The tuna, suckling pig and foie gras were to die for. Expensive, at 190 euros with bottle of wine, but it is once in a lifetime.
          JUNE 27
          El Xampayet on Calle Montcada: potatoes with garlic, anchovies and red peppers excellent, as was cheese and pa amb tomaquet.
          Nonell: this is a hidden in Barri Gotic, near Seu cathedral on Plaza Isidre Nonell. Well worth a try. Global fusion. I had one of the best duck confits there, my wife a rabbit breast with cabbage rolls stuffed with potatoes. The molten chocolate cake with orange sevilla sauce was incredible, as good as anything we have had in Paris. With bottle of wine, 85 Euros.
          JUNE 28
          Paco Meralgo: on Carrer Muntaner in north Eixample. Best tapas place we went to in our week in Spain. A melt-in-your mouth tuna carpaccio, then a calamares in a romesco sauce that was exquisite. Asparagus was also delicious. Went for Saturday lunch and filled up quick. Even pa amb tomaquet was to die for. 42 Euros with 2 glass wine and 2 coffees, bottle of aqua con gas, and 5 racions.
          Agut, Carrer Gignas in Barri Gotic: We split one of the salad specials, with asparagus and lemon vinagrette. Yummy. Wife had turbot and asparagus and fish was melt in your mouth variety. I had Suquet de rape, or monkfish stew, that was stupendous. The potatoes were excellent in the dish. Crema catalana had a nice orange taste. With bottle of Priorat, came to 90 euros.

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          1. re: Mouton Noir

            Hi skipmd17 I hope this is not too late, sorry about not replying earlier. Hisop has a website, Google Hisop and it is the first hit, the menu and location are on it. It is at the top of the Exiample area near the Avenure Diagonal. I would reccommend it. Pinoxto is in the Boqueria and if you go in the main entrance is on the left. It is usually quite busy but if you wait 5-10mins you will get a seat. Do have the chickpeas. I aslo did think that Tapac 24 would be worth going to again, not traditional cold tapas but some very tasty more modern hot dishes, the bikini, entrana and mcfoie burger being very good. Xampanyet is a fav of mine but the last two trips I have made it has been shut. Another place I love for puddings is Bubo in the Santa Maria Del Mar square, beautiful looking and yummy too. None of these places required jacket and tie, the females in our group took the opportunity to dress up as it is an easy city to do that in. The weather would probably mean outerclothing would be un-necessary.