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Jun 26, 2008 11:16 AM

Need a last minute place for dessert downtown

My mother happens to be in the city this evening and staying all the way downtown. I'm looking for a few suggestions on a nice place to grab dessert. She has a dinner meeting, so it will be for sometime after 9 pm. This place needs to be conducive to meeting my girlfriend and to have a drink or two over dessert. Since she is staying at the Ritz in Battery Park, I was trying to avoid there. But realize my options are a bit limited down there. I would normally ask her to come up to the Village but she has an early day tomorrow, so I'm trying to keep it close to her. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. BFF

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  1. The dessert place that I could think of that's in the Financial District is Financier Patisserie on Stone Street.

    If you can travel to TriBeca, drop in to Bouley Bakery.


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      I appreciate your suggestions, I think that Financier Patisserie closes before 9:00pm. But Bouley Bakery is a great option if she is not too tired to make the 'trip" to TriBeca