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Jun 26, 2008 10:28 AM

PS1 recommendations?

I'm dedicating this Sunday to art, starting at PS1. Haven't been in quite some time and would love some help with where to go for brunch. It's just me, so I'm happy to sit bar-side if any particular spot is normally jammed. Any price point, any cuisine. Just looking for excellent food and a spot to read the paper while I fuel up for a fun day.

Many thanks in advance, 'Hounders.

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  1. I haven't been there for the past year, but the cafe inside of PS 1 used to be very good and inexpensive.

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      what I remember of the cafe is pre-made sandwiches sitting nice and soggy on a hot and humid day (like what sunday will probably be) but that's a great question, since I'm planning to go there on sunday as well but most likely, going to hop on the 7 train and just hit something in jheights; area restaurants are not so awesome but it's maybe 10-12 blocks from that little strip of restaurants in LIC, 50th st? not too familiar with the scene though.

      recent thread here:

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        Honestly, the Vernon Blvd strip is not far from PS1 at all, its about a 5 minute walk. Blend, Tournesol and Cafe Henri are all excellent brunch spots. Tournesol is my favorite.

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          Last time I was there they had a chef working in the kitchen making some inventive dishes. Basic cafe fare like quiches, pizza, sandwiches and soups, but quite creative and good, but maybe it changed...

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            sorry, my reference is much older than that, at least two years. so there does seem to be some real cooking going on!


      2. There are several good local brunch spots. My favorite are Tournesol and Blend, Tournesol is French and they do everything really well. Blend is kind of pan-latin but their brunch is great.

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          Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.


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            happy hunting this weekend; I'm planning on sunday to hit PS1 and also the new Deitch Studio, located at 44th Drive (I think) and the water.

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            The menu at Blend looks quite reasonable for Lunch and Brunch, what have you had there? Is it good overall? How are the portions? Thanks..

            1. re: janie

              I've had the cubano, which was great, the yucca fries are also excellent but not quite as good as Malagueta's. The eggs Benedict over a yucca hash was also quite good.