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Jun 26, 2008 10:12 AM

Vegetarian friendly BBQ?

Hello Austin!

I'm visiting for a weekend in July and need a recommendation for a great BBQ place that would also be veg friendly (no fish). I tried to do a search on this board for this topic, but oddly I couldn't find anything - feel free to point me to a link if I missed one. My traveling companion is a BBQ nut, and I want to be able to go somewhere he will love. I don't need extensive options, just something on the menu that is decent. We are staying near 6th St, but will have a car if its really worth driving to.

I figure I'll be fairly safe at most Tex-Mex places, but if you have specific recommedations for places that would be especially good for a veg, please let me know. I know one other dinner will either be Jezebel or Zoot based on recommendations I found on this board.


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  1. That's a tough one these days. I used to be a hardcore vegan, so I know your plight. There used to be places that would BBQ Wheat Roast (something I still love to do, even though I now indulge in the pleasures of the flesh, like Bambi's mother); also, I recall places that would do tofu that way, first pressing all the water out of it, then freezing it, making for a texture that can be done BBQ style. Mother's at 43rd and Duval *might* be doing stuff like this, though I doubt it seriously.
    Here are two other suggestions. Ruby's on the Drag and 29th has good BBQ, and remarkably good vegetarian sides. Though I think some of their sides has meat in it, you'd best ask about ingredients.
    Another idea is to try Korean BBQ--an outstanding cuisine for meat and or veggie lovers. There's a number of great Korean places to choose from, my favorite of late is Korea Garden on North Lamar, also Korea House in the Village shopping center on Anderson Lane.
    Good luck on that one.

    1. i have never been there, but i've heard good things about the sides at Lambert's on this board, particularly the mac & cheese.

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        I second Lamberts (2nd and Guadalupe). Upscale, tasty meats. You could get by well on sides, a salad, the yummy chickpea appetizer, etc.

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          i must agree as well about Lamberts. wouldn't know about the meat dishes, but i LOVE the Achiote Seared Chickpeas & Goat Cheese as well as the smoked paprika & herbed waffle fries. can definitely round it out with a good salad or one of the other sides...

          Ruby's is usually suggested because there is quite a wide selection of veggie options, but i personally didn't care for them that much...

      2. That's a hard request BBQ by nature is meat. Most don't have fish it unless it's fried so it would never touch the BBQ unless it was fried. Perhaps the best place would actually be Brazilian Restaurant which have BBQ styled meats and a ample supply of salads and sides Faco de Chao would be the place I recommend They have a great salad bar. I don't think they have fish I could be wrong. I love their food though.

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          Thanks all - just to clarify, I don't need to eat BBQ, just need to have something at the restaurant that is veg friendly (sides, salad, cornbread etc)

        2. Actually, one of my favorite vegetarian dishes in town is the Grilled Vegetable Plate at Artz Rib House on S. Lamar. As far as BBQ goes, there are definitely better joints in/around town than Artz, but it will definitely satisfy a BBQ lover and truly the Grilled Veggie plate is delicious.

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            Oops! I missed this and entered the same post below. Good call, tdh.

          2. Whenever my mom comes to visit, she wants to go to Stubbs. They don't have any veggie entrees (that I know of), but their sides are decent. My favorite is their creamed spinach. It's spicy and very rich.